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NPSWG Workshop Policy

  1. The Workshop Chairperson shall be a member of the guild, and is responsible for the following:
    • Contacting the instructor to make initial inquires, determining fees, cancellation policies, sending contract, etc.
    • All publicity and registration materials (writing and mailing).
    • Supplying the Hub editor with workshop information.
    • Making all workshop arrangements (room for workshop, accommodation for instructor and outside participants, if applicable, etc.)
    • Keeping track of registrants, collecting fees to pass on to treasurer, corresponding with registrants.
    • Keeping track of income and expenses.
  2. A contract with the instructor shall be signed by the Program Chairperson before registration for the workshop begins. If the instructor does not provide this contract, the Guild's standard contract will be used. In either case, the contract should state:
    • Instructor's fee
    • Who is responsible for instructor's costs (travel, accommodation, meals, shipping, etc.)
    • Cancellation policy
  3. Scholarships to the workshop shall be awarded according to the following guidelines:
    • The workshop chairperson will receive a full tuition scholarship to the workshop.
    • If instructor is charging per day (as opposed to per person), one more full tuition scholarship will be offered to a member at large. All interested in receiving the scholarship will submit their name to workshop chairperson before workshop registration begins. Recipient will be chosen by lottery, preferably at the guild meeting immediately preceding start of registration.
    • If the instructor is charging per person, the workshop chairperson will still receive a scholarship. The decision to award another scholarship is at the discretion of the executive committee.
    • All scholarships are tuition only. The recipient is responsible for any materials costs. The scholarship is non-transferable; no alternate award will be made in the case that the workshop is canceled.
  4. Tuition fee will be determined by the workshop chairperson after realistic estimates of cost and participation (not including scholarship recipients) have been made.
    • Total expected income from tuition should be approximately equal to total expected costs. Workshop chairperson should consult the workshop guidelines when setting a tuition fee.
    • Once registration has begun, the tuition fee shall not be changed.
  5. Registration for non-guild members should begin no less than two weeks after registration opens for guild members. Non-guild members will pay the same tuition and materials fee as guild members.
  6. Each workshop registration shall be accompanied by a deposit.
    • The amount of the deposit will be determined by the workshop chairperson, but should generally be 30-50% of the total workshop cost.
    • This deposit should be considered non-refundable. However, it can be refunded if any of the following conditions hold:
      • The workshop is canceled for any reason. In such case, the guild shall assume all administrative costs, and deposits will be fully refunded to those who had registered for the workshop.
      • The participant is unable to attend the workshop due to extraordinary circumstances.
      • The participants' place in the workshop can be filled by another person.
      • Refunding the deposit will not cause the guild to incur a loss on the workshop.
  7. Final payment of all fees (tuition plus materials) is due no later than one month before the start of the workshop.
  8. A financial report on the workshop shall be presented at the guild meeting immediately following the workshop. The report should summarize total income and total expenses of the workshop, and state the difference (profit/loss). This information should also be printed in an issue of The Hub.

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