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Past Issues

"The HUB" Vol. XXIX, No.6
Bimonthly newsletter of November - December 2008


Hub Editor: Taryn Barnett at

Saturday, November 1, 2008, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

November Program

With trying to find a new location I have no idea what we will plan for the November Meeting.  Once the decision is made we should think about packing up for our move.

Maybe by our November meeting we will know more.

December Program

For December meeting I suggested going out for lunch and exchange a small gift.  Like I said I have no plans till decisions are made for our location.

Bag Challenge

The challenge was fun and each bag finished was very nice and it was great to see how different each member made theirs. We had twenty six wanting to do the challenge and only had nine finished for judging and one member did two.  It would be nice if members could bring their bags to the December meeting and show them to the group.

 Vicki Ferster

Calendar of Events

November 1st - NPSWG Program Meeting at Christ Church

November 18th - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at The Bank 2:00p.m.

December 6th - NPSWG Business/Program Meeting at Juniper Villiage (tenative)

December 16th - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at The Bank 2:00p.m. 

Minutes of the October 2008 NPSWG Meeting

President Karen Fry called the meeting to order. The minutes of the August meeting were approved. Treasurer Bonnie Orr reported that our current balances are: checking $1011.12, savings $3633.31, total funds $4644.23 (this includes the Helen McCartney Scholarship Fund).

The main order of business was the need to find a new meeting location. Christ Church is insisting on $500 to continue to use their space next year, so we will need to relocate. Possibilities include the Presbyterian Church in Edinboro, McClane Church north of Edinboro, and Grace Methodist Church in Meadville. It was recognized that any new location will be more convenient for some members but less accessible to others. Roz Macken clarified our needs for storage space: we need to be able to store five cabinets to hold our library, archives, and sundry – we have four cabinets now, but our magazine holdings continually expand. The cabinets do not need to be in the meeting space itself, and they do not all need to be together. Spinning and weaving equipment can be stored in member’s homes and provided to renters at meetings or by mutual arrangement between the keeper and the renter. We voted to give Karen the power to make a decision once information has been gathered about the possible meeting spaces so that we can begin planning the move. Once a space has been chosen, directions to the new site will be published in the Hub. 

Donna Long, Equipment Coordinator, asked about the “current value” space on the equipment rental form, which is now blank. We realized that what is really needed is the replacement cost because if equipment is lost or damaged we will need to replace it. We estimated the cost of the drum carder at $200; Crytzer wool combs, $250-$300; loom $2500-$3000. Both the drum carder and the loom need some work. Ann Sheffield will rent the drum carder and have Bob Stine look at it; Karen will refurbish the loom over the winter. Donna clarified that the rental price for all equipment is $6/month.

Ann reminded everyone about the upcoming Indigo Dye Day. It will be at the Crytzers’ on Oct. 11. Everyone will be able to dye at least 4 ounces of fiber – the first batch is done, we can continue to dye until the vats are exhausted. If possible, participants should bring camping stoves and big enamel dyepots – the classic blue canning pots are ideal. Indigo dyes everything, so attendees should dress accordingly.

Bonnie Orr explained that nearly 1/3 of the income we receive from dues goes to copying and mailing costs for copies of the Hub that are still distributed by mail. She noted that there are better things we could be doing with this money! We voted that any member with an email address will receive the Hub electronically unless that member explains why a paper copy is needed (e.g., because the person is using a basic email reader and not a computer). This change in policy will be announced in the next Hub and take effect in 2009 so that people have advance warning of the upcoming change. Bonnie will also contact other guilds with whom we exchange newsletters to see if these exchanges can be done electronically to help both guilds save on postage.

A question was raised about what happens when someone joins late in the year – is the membership fee prorated? No one was certain of the answer; Bonnie Orr will look in the archives she has and find out.

Barb Lodge asked people to sign up to bring cookies to next year’s meetings. She noted that she had one extra copy of Sigrid Piroch’s Handweavers Pattern Directory available for $33.33. Barb also passed on some leftover sheep-to-shawl fleece to Karen. Finally, she announced that the Erie Art Museum has an exhibit of “amazing” East African textiles through next March – members are recommended to go see it!

Show and Tell.  Donna Long had made a scarf on a triangle loom to match the bag she made for the Guild Challenge. Margaret Weaver had unraveled a sweater that a friend had abandoned after knitting of it – the reclaimed yarn is fine. Bonnie Orr showed Romney wool from a full year’s growth – the fibers are over 6” long! Barb Lodge showed a spectacular knitted coat (modeled by the lucky recipient!) from the “Viking” knitting book – Barb said it represented “a year of my life.” Ann Sheffield had knitted a square with intertwined trees from “Hemp for Knitting” yarn. Elaine Fertig was knitting two socks simultaneously on a pair of circular needles. Roz Macken had brought lots of stuff for sale. Marje Kochlert showed her first wheel-spun yarn.

Guild Challenge. Nine beautiful bags were completed by eight members: Elaine Fertig, Vicki Ferster, Karen Fry, Barb Lodge, Donna Long, Roz Macken (Roz did two!), Janet Smouse, and Margaret Weaver. Barb’s and Roz’s entries received the most votes from the members present. The judges (Sharon Hoban, Mathilda Murphy, and Linda Durnye) awarded first place to Roz, second place to Vicki, and third place to Roz again. Many thanks to the judges, to everyone who participated, and most of all to Vicki for organizing the Challenge!

President’s column

A meeting place is available in the rec room at Juniper Village, 435 Chestnut St., Meadville former David Mead Inn Hotel, now an assisted-living facility and not far from our current location. Room serves as their activity room, is carpeted, well lit, and big enough, with at least four large round tables, seating 6-8 each and ample perimeter for wheels, etc,  no kitchen area but restrooms nearby. Room is in the basement but easy to get to. There is both an elevator and wide stair case. There is a large parking lot in the rear with access to the building through either front or back. Administrator was enthusiastic and accommodating and agreed to house three of our cupboards. This would require a rearrangement of their storage area though, so she asked for as much notice as possible, if we choose this location. Originally we discussed a rental amount of $20-$25/per meeting. In the end, though, she said we could meet without charge if we allowed residents to sit in when they were interested in a program topic.

I emailed Vickie to go ahead with the room at Edinboro University due to the deadline as to when we had to let them know.  However, Juniper Village would allow us to remain in Meadville, and they seem to be very willing to accommodate us.  Please email me or call me (you'll have to leave a message) with your thoughts as to which location might be best.  I'd like to hear from you no later than October 29.  I'll let you know at the Nov. 1 meeting what has been decided for certain as we have very little time to get our things moved before the weather turns bad.

Karen Fry

Announcments and Classified Section

Cranberry Country Weavers Announcement
Peter Collingwood: 1922-2008
Posted: 10 Oct 2008 08:17 PM CDT

 It is with sadness that I post the news that Peter Collingwood passed away in his workshop yesterday (9 Oct). The world has lost a great weaver, artist, and innovator. His spirit lives on in his art and his books.

For memorial information, see his website

A Thank you and a request


My daughter, Jenny, and my son, Justin and I attended the Spinning and Weaving Day at Waterford Fairgrounds again this year. We would like to thank you for a Wonderful Day! So much to see and do. We would also like to thank everyone who helped with the event and also for having the Ethics training for our 4-H'ers. Our 4-H children, and others in our 4-H club, hope that you will consider making this a yearly addition to your event.

 We would also like to ask if you would know of anyone who might have wool hand carders for sale. While we were at Waterford we bought a blue ribbon fleece!  We have been having the most enjoyable time washing it and preparing it for spinning. We have borrowed a pair of wool carders to see how to card the wool. We are REALLY enjoying working with the wool and the children and I would now like to own our own wool carders. If you would know of someone who might be willing to sell their wool carders would you please let us know? We would really appreciate it.

Thank you for all that your group does

Carole McMann, 

FIBERWORKS has moved from the Market House to @ the Bank.  Stop in and see the new studio / shop space and make a purchase! Guild members will receive a 15% discount on fibers, yarn and equipment in stock through December 31. Also 15% off special ordered Ashford or Louet wheels, mills, drum carders, looms, etc., not in stock.  I am generally in the shop 1-4pm mon-sat.  You may purchase items anytime, but you need to see me to get your discount. 

Rug weaving sessions are now available for $40 for a 3 hr. session. Includes 30 min. of instruction.  The loom is warped and ready to weave. You may bring your own rag strips or purchase new materials from me by the pound. For those that enjoy the rug weaving process, sessions will be presented after the first of the year in designing rugs and warping the floor loom.  If you have always wanted to weave a rug, now is your chance.  Call or email and set up a session to fit your schedule.    814.333.1228

Lorraine Dallas

For Sale:  $200.00 - Used Babe Production wheel, single treadle, Black.  About the Babe - Comes with 6 bobbins, 3 of 5 7/8:1 and 3 of & 7 1/2:1 with a V grove at the back of the drive whorl so that when the drive band is put in the grove you get a 19:1 ratio. 

Contact Sue Spencer or call Kindred Spirits Yarn Studio, 814 346-7079

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