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Bimonthly newsletter of
    Hub Editor:  Susan Olive           

Calendar of Events

July 5, 2014 10 AM - 2 PM Guild Meeting at Christ Church, Meadville PA.
July 15, 2014 10 AM - 2 PM Joyous Hands Spin-in at Christ Church Meadville PA
July 18-20, 2014 9 AM - 5 PM Spinning & Weaving demo at Waterford Days, Waterford PA

July 5 Program

The Guild will demonstrate spinning and weaving July 18-20 at Waterford Days. Two table looms will be used, one for making place mats or a table runner and one for hands-on trial by interested observers. We will work on warping the looms and preparing weft at the July meeting. Everyone is asked to bring prewashed cotton or cotton blend fabrics and/or clean old tee shirts to be used for weft, rotary cutters, cutting mats and rulers to cut up the fabrics.

Minutes of the June 2014 Meeting

The meeting was called to order, the minutes of the May meeting were approved and the treasurer's report was presented and approved.

Old Business: The guild was invited to Edinboro Art & Music Festival in May and things went well.
New Business:
  Waterford Days
Waterford Days, which will be July 18-20, was discussed at length. It was requested that we demonstrate all three days. A covered booth will be provided to us for demonstrating. In exchange the guild was asked to donate 10% of the proceeds of any items that we sell to the Historical Society this year. This brought up the issue of the fee paid to the guild from the proceeds of any sale from demonstrations or booths by the guild. Roz Macken researched the guilds policies and found reference to this fee in March 1981 minutes. There was no record of this formally being a policy in the guild’s by-laws. A discussion followed and a motion was made by Jen Phillips to add to the demonstration policy that anyone selling items at a booth operated by the guild make a 10% contribution to the guild from the proceeds of any sale made at that booth. This was seconded by Karen Fry. In addition, during the Waterford Days demonstration for 2014 only, this 10% contribution will be made to the guild directly and the guild will use these monies collected to make a contribution to the Historical Society.

  It was also noted that the bylaws state that for any event that charges an admission fee, the guild will charge the organization holding the event a $100 fee.

  A discussion followed about having a banner with the guild’s name on it as well as other information be made and hung at events. Karen Fry is getting a quote for an 8’ banner from Brink Ink. It was decided that the name of the guild, Northwest PA Spinners and Weavers Guild, official logo and web address be displayed on the banner. Karen will get a few samples of ways to display the information and bring it to the next meeting. Karen will also get a quote on a yard sign.

  The coordinated appearance of guild members working at demonstrations was considered and a discussion followed. We were focusing on an apron that had a bib and skirt with pockets onto which the logo and organization name be applied in some way. We were discussing getting about 20 bibs and using some fiber art on the bibs. Both Karen Fry and Karen Shelhamer will be looking into some of the ideas that were discussed and will report back next month. It was decided that if the bibs could not be worked out in time for Waterford Days that this was OK. It was more important to get the bibs made to suite the desired image then to get them done in a hurry.

  Manning the booth: It was decided that we would be brining spinning wheels and looms and demonstrate on both. Two looms will be used for making place mats or a table runner with one for hands on demonstration for observers. We will work on warping the looms and preparing weft at the July meeting. Everyone is asked to come prepared with rotary cutters and tools to cut up old jeans and tee shirts. Donations of cotton rags, cotton blend fabrics, old tee shirts… any color, would be helpful.

In addition Karen Fry said that she will take donations of any old jeans as she uses them all the time for projects.

   Highland Games and Scottish Festival We will have a tent. The demonstration is listed as a sheep to shawl and Karen Fry will call her contact to have this changed to spinning and weaving.

June 17th- Spin in at Bits N Pieces in Erie 3214 W. Lake Rd. in Erie, next door to Presque Isle Skating.
July 5th- Guild meeting: Prep looms for Waterford Days
July 18-20 Waterford Days has been asked to demonstrate all three days. Our tent will be across from the Eagle Hotel, in the vicinity of the white house which is the Judson House. Exact times for demonstrating have yet to be announced. Contact Jen Phillips to sign up to help man the booth and demonstrate. Jen can be reached at
August 2nd: Presque Isle picnic. We are hoping to meet with the Backstrap weavers while there. Details to come at a later date.
August 16th-23rd Crawford County Fair Demonstrating on August 19th. For information or to sign up to help contact Elaine Fertig.
September 6th -Highland Games and Scottish Festival at Edinboro The guild has been invited back to demonstrate. The event planners are hoping to provide a tent. Details to follow.">Later in the Fall-The beginning weaving class by Judy Hanninen will be postponed until fall.

Other News:
President, Roz Macken, read a letter she received from Anita Hotchkiss. In the letter Anita was informing the guild that due to reprioritizing, she is no longer going to have a shop it Pittsfield. She is going back to having her shop at home in Centerville. She will continue to carry her hand dyed wool and will sell both through the online store and the Etsy store.

Respectfully submitted,
Lois Crozier , Acting Secretary for June meeting

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