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Past Issues

Volume XXXIV, No. 4                                                                                                                                                   July-August 2013
Bimonthly newsletter of
    Hub Editor:  Karen Fry   


Calendar of Events

July 6th NPSWG Program Meeting at Christ Church 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

July 16th NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

August 3rd NPSWG Business/Program Meeting, Ikat dye day, picnic at Donna Longs

August 20th NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Crawford County Fair beginning at 1:30 PM. We will be on the stage near the rabbit barn. In the event of rain we will be in the same barn as usual near the vegetables and behind the quilts.

Sept. 7th Edinboro Highland Games

July Program

Program by Charles and Florence Elliot from The Tale Weaver’s shop on peripheral weaving, such as miniatures and netting, before lunch. Intro to Ikat dyeing with Barb Lodge after lunch.

August Program

Ikat Dyeing workshop with Barb Lodge and Annual picnic at Donna Long’s house. Bring a dish to share, a lawn chair and something for the Chinese Auction. Prepare to relax and enjoy the company.

Minutes of the May 2013 NPSWG Meeting

Old Business: Sharon Hoban called the meeting to order. Barb Lodge gave the treasurer’s report.

New Business: The guild’s 35 two years from now. Sharon asked the members to begin thinking about some kind of celebration. Judy Hanninen has become a resident artist at the Red Barn Studios at the Bark Park in Conneaut Lake. Janet Smouse will teach weaving small purses on cardboard looms at the June meeting. There was a discussion about having Mary Lou Shultz come in for a workshop on Navaho weaving next summer. Sue Olive proposed the idea of having business cards to hand out as well as guild brochures. She offered to work up some samples. Karen Fry made the motion and Andrea Cooley seconded it. It was voted to do so. Sue will have samples at the next meeting. Elaine Fertig said that the guild will be spinning again at the Crawford County Fair this year. She will email the info to Karen for the next newsletter.

Show and Tell Mary Catherine Stack showed a scarf that she crocheted from Noro yarn. Sindi Collard showed a knitted shawl in progress. April Cox and Ayla Mercado showed their first woven scarf that they did on a table top loom. Karen Fry showed a pair of knitted baby socks. Carol Voisin showed a mosaic garden ball that she thought would be an interesting project for the guild.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Fry, substitute for Marje Koehlert, Secretary

Minutes of the June 2013 NPSWG Meeting

Old Business: Sharon Hoban called the meeting to order. The minutes of the May 2013 meeting were unavailable but should be in the next Hub. Barb Lodge gave the treasurer’s report; a check still needs to be cut for two new library books and we received dues from two new members. We were updated that Second Saturday at the Market House went well except the weather was very cold, limiting the number of passers-by. The guild sold a shawl at the event. The most recent Tuesday Spin had only two members in attendance.

New Business: Sue Olive was not able to be present but sent in several sample business cards with our meeting dates and a map. Cate Johns updated us that her communication with the Thunder in the City organizers has not gone well. They are looking to move away from arts and crafts, and the spot they offered is not as well placed as last year. Additionally, they are charging $75 for the space. There was a general consensus that we will not participate this year. Karen Fry updated us that the guild loom needs replacements for some of the rivet-like pins that go in the lams. It was agreed that these should be ordered. There was discussion of having Judy Dominic do a presentation on Mud Cloth. It was generally agreed that we do not have time to set this up before dye day this summer. Several announcements were made:

  • Former member Billie Bookamer just got married.
  • Spinning at the Crawford County Fair will be on Tuesday of Fair Week from 10-4.
  • The Edinboro Highland Games has been scheduled for September 14.
  • Carol Voisin updated us that there is an Arts & Crafts Festival planned at Emmanuel Church in Meadville on September 21.

Show and Tell Karen Fry updated us that she just got back from a trip to visit Audrey, and Laura is now officially in her second trimester. Janet Smouse told us about attending a new Fiber Arts Festival at Juniata College where she took a class based on the book Cast On, Bind Off. She recommends the book, noting that it has great photos. Janet also showed us work she has been doing with needle weaving in hoops. Sue Spencer noted that she passed both of the classes she has been taking, one with a B grade and the other with a B+. Sue also showed us a scarf she has been knitting in a variegated orange yarn. Marje Koehlert showed a book she got at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece, and the cylindrical color wheel it inspired. She showed a nylon market bag she made of knotted netting, and samples of her latest experiments in spinning uncommon fibers: a strong but stiff cord of yucca fiber and a soft yarn from cat fur. Sharon Hoban discussed her long-awaited trip to The Mannings for a two-day class on making shaker rugs. Her rug has a teal green warp, and a weft made from a collection of bright yarns twisted in opposite directions on alternate rows to form a pattern in the body of the rug. The edges are finished with double row folds to make a very professional looking rug.

Respectfully submitted,
Marje Koehlert, Secretary

Other News

Welcome to new member Debbie Patterson

From Elaine Burkholder: The Northwest Sheep and Wool Growers have voted to disband. They will be participating with the Mercer Cooperative.

Classified Ads

Mary Ann Howard has English Angora Fiber for sale $5 to $7 per ounce. Colors vary from white, caramel. Black , grey, etc. Phone 716-373-5377.

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