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"The HUB" Vol. XXVIII, No.2
Bimonthly newsletter of March - April 2007


Saturday, April 14, 2007, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Christ Episcopal Church, Diamond Park, Meadville, PA

March Program

Vicki Ferster will show us how to knit a sweater using the top down method. Requirements for the sweater will be given closer to the date if you want to knit one for yourself. (See “Lets Make a Sweater” after the minutes).

April Program

(Due to Easter we will meet the week after Easter) Joyce will demonstrate Nuno felting.


Calendar of Events

March 3rd - NPSWG Program Meeting at Christ Church

March 20th - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

April 14th - NPSWG Business/Program Meeting at Christ Church (Since the first weekend is Easter weekend we will hold our meeting on the 2nd Saturday of the month)

April 17th - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

Minutes of the February 2007 NPSWG Meeting

Barb Lodge welcomed two guests, Linda and Margaret. President Joanna McDermot opened the meeting and announced that the scheduled program had been cancelled because Anita Hotchkiss was injured and could not attend. Ann Sheffield, Secretary, asked for corrections to the minutes of the December, 2006, meeting; none were offered, and the Guild voted approval of the minutes.

Bonnie Crytzer, Treasurer, reported that the Guild currently has $3682.88 (=$1498.90 Helen McCartney Scholarship Fund + $2183.98 operating funds). Joanna proposed that $100 be designated in the budget as a Treasurer’s Discretionary Fund. The Treasurer would have the authority to spend this money on items such as sympathy cards at her discretion. After one year, we will assess whether $100 is the right amount. The proposal passed. Joanna then proposed that members who present programs be reimbursed for materials (in addition to the $25 they currently receive). This might encourage members to present programs they might otherwise be unable to. The motion passed.

The issue of whether to renew the Guild’s membership in MAFA was discussed yet again, and yet again questions were raised about what benefits membership confers. Bonnie noted that dues would be $50 this year because we have more than 50 members (last year it was $35 because we had fewer members). Several members mentioned having good experiences at MAFA conferences in the past, but the organization has had some difficulties recently. Sue Spencer noted that Winnie LaBreck of the Butler Guild has been involved with efforts to re-invigorate MAFA and would be a good source of information. Barb volunteered to investigate and to report back to the Guild so that we can make an informed decision.

Joanna mentioned that a few members have sponsored magazine subscriptions for the Guild Library and that other magazines are available for “adoption.” Ann noted that the sponsorship idea originated with Ruth Walker-Daniels. Current sponsors are Ruth (Spin-Off), Joanna (Piecework), and Ann (Wild Fibers). Bonnie also noted that she had information on Interweave’s discount for individual subscriptions.

Sue Spencer talked about the show we are doing at the Arts Center in Butler, PA, on August 3-31. The situation is still evolving, and it now appears that we will be one contributor to a larger show on the theme of “Threads.” They would like us to demonstrate at the show’s opening, and the entry fee will be waived for anyone who demonstrates. Members can sell items, but there will be a commission of 30-40%. (Barb has information on how to calculate the correct price for your items.)

Sue then described several other upcoming events: the Sheep & Wool Growers’ meeting and potluck dinner is March 31 at the Woodcock Township building; the speaker will be a representative of Crawford County animal disaster relief. Meadville’s Market House is hosting an Ethnic Festival on September 14-16; they want vendors and demonstrators, and the booth fee is $50 for non-profit organizations. Finally, Family Field Day at Waterford will be September 22 this year.

Joanna mentioned that we are demonstrating at the Edinboro Games on May 19 and at Waterford on July 21. Bonnie is the contact person for both events. Karen Fry volunteered to weave at Edinboro. We discussed having shawls to sell at this kind of event, which would take the pressure off the demonstrators to finish and leave them free to answer questions and interact more with the public.

Joanna noted that it has been proposed that we work on shawls at meetings. Jim Crytzer is building a triangular frame loom that could stay at Christ Church where people could work on a shawl. Ilene Eliston added that Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot #7 and Handwoven #17 have information on this weaving technique. Karen added that we could also keep the Guild loom warped up, but that changing from one weaver to another could create tension problems. Ann suggested that we could spin yarn for shawls at meetings; Karen noted that we would then have a supply for demonstrations when there are too few spinners to keep up with the weaver. After various other suggestions about looms, fleece supplies, design and color, etc., Roz Macken, Karen, Sue, and Bonnie agreed to come up with a plan by the next meeting.

Vicki Ferster spoke about the top-down sweater project we will be doing at the March off-month meeting. Knitters need to know their gauge in advance. The pattern comes from, which also has information on estimating the needed yardage.

Jim showed an updated version of the guild flyer. After much debate about whether to include advertising and how much contact information to include, we decided to keep the contact details for officers (with the addition of email addresses) and to develop a separate Resource List that includes the skills and interests that members are willing to share along with fiber products they can supply. Information for the Resource List will be solicited in the Hub.

After lunch, we began an extended Show-and-Tell/sharing session combined with an open discussion of ideas for Guild activities. Ideas caught by this reporter (who was frequently distracted by the beautiful things people had made and by the animated discussion) were:

  • A Guild challenge project
  • A class on two-color knitting (taught by Vicki)
  • A workshop on Billie Bookama’s crocheted flowers
  • A class on chemistry for fiber people
  • Getting in touch with old Guild members
  • Constructing an Art Park at The Woods (Sue Spencer’s land)
  • A group trip to the Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference
  • A trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Sheffield, Secretary


I have made sweaters from the neck down or from the bottom up which was easy and fun. The only finishing work was the underarm seam.

If you know how to knit you can make this sweater.



My suggestion for your first sweater is worsted weight yarn and size eight needles. It’s also easier if your yarn is a light color.

For our first meeting you need to come with a finished knit piece 5 by 5 inches.

My suggestion cast on 30 stitches then:
1) knit five rows
2) k.3sts p.24 k.3
3) k.30 sts.
4) repeat (2 and 3 till you have 30 rows)
5) knit four rows
6) knit and cast off

I know we have several great knitters in the guild. I love knitting, so this may seem you won't enjoy this class, but once you have your pattern you can do what ever you want; colors, size and style. Plus you can give help to others just learning and give me suggestions to make it easier, all knitters have so much to share. I'm not a great knitter but this sweater needs so little finishing. I like easy plus interesting.

First meeting we will make our pattern. I will bring three different patterns to choose from and I also suggest you get a folder because once you do this sweater you will never need another pattern.

My E-mail is if you have questions on this program.

Up Coming Dates to Ponder

May 5th Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

May 19th Edinboro Fleece to Shawl demonstration

June 23rd Forest Area Arts Council annual “Festival in the Forest”

July 6th-8th MAFA Workshop Weekend at Marywood University, Scranton, PA

July 21st Waterford Fleece to Shawl Demonstration

August 3rd-31st Butler Guild’s Demonstration (NPSWG participating)

August 18th-25th Crawford County Fair

September 14th, 15th, 16th Meadville Market House Festival

September 22nd PA Sheep and Wool Growers Field Day at Waterford Fairgrounds. Our guild will demonstrate spinning and weaving.

Local Art Shows and Fiber Art

Forest Area Arts Council will be having their annual Festival in the Forest on Saturday June 23rd. this year they have agreed to have a fiber art category. I would like to encourage everyone to think about entering a piece of their work. This is not only an opportunity to show what you can do but to also encourage interest in the fiber arts. The registration forms should be available sometime in March through me or on the Forest County Arts council website:

There will also be a fiber arts category this year at the Oil Heritage art show held in July. Knowing that many times we don’t participate in these types of events because of the hassle of getting our entries to and from the shows I will be happy to collect and enter for those not in the local area. Contact me if you are interested. Sharon Reiland,

Guild Members Resource List

I would like all guild members to consider being a resource person. This is someone who would be available to help others learn to spin, weave, knit or some other skill you have you could share. Additionally, if you offer fiber art supplies for sale and would like to be included on the “Resource List” let us know. We will print up a list with a small paragraph describing what you have to offer to others. Please get your info to me soon so we can disseminate it with the membership list.

Email your info to Bonnie at

Interesting Events

Meadville Council on the Arts at: 814-336-5051 or is having a fiber exhibit and sale the 1st of each month. You must be a member to participate. Membership is $25 per year. You may enter 2 pieces, $6 a piece. Feb.27th is the deadline for March

The Erie Art Museum Spring Show. Membership is $25 per year. You may enter 3 pieces at $5 per piece. Deadline is Sunday April 1, 2007. Website

Earned Recognition

The following guild members have sponsored magazines for the guild library:

Ann Sheffield has adopted Wild Fibers for the next 2 years
Ruth Walker-Daniels has adopted Spin Off for the next 2 years
JoAnna McDermot has adopted Piecework for the next 2 years

On behalf of our guild we would like to say to these generous members “THANKYOU”

Proposed Trip to Maryland

Plans are being made for a trip to the MD Sheep & Wool festival on Sat. May 5. Jim Crytzer and Karen Fry have volunteered to act as drivers for a rental van. Leaving Meadville about 5:00 a.m. with additional stops at Grove City Outlets and Cranberry as needed. Cost $50-$60. Contact Roz Macken ASAP at if you are interested.

Classified Section

For Sale
KYRA cherry 4 shaft 24 inch table loom with 2 shuttles, dowels and wooden rake $200
Contact Leslie Blake at

For Sale
36 inch 4 harness floor loom with 2 cloth beams, 6 treadles, 8,10,12 dent reeds, rag shuttle $400 Contact Chris McCormick at

FIBERWORKS, located in the Historic Meadville Market House, continues to carry Louet and Ashford spinning wheels, carders, bobbins, ball winders and accessories. We expect a new shipment of spinning fibers to be on the shelves February 26. Also knitting needles and natural fiber yarns, and handwovens. The Market House, once dismal and dreary, is now alive with local organic foods, meats, cheeses, eggs, and fresh baked breads and cookies, as well as hand crafts. Support our local farmers and artisans: BUY LOCAL!! Lorraine Dallas

FIBERWORKS is also looking to sell on consignment some high quality handknits and handwovens, and also raw fleeces.

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