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Past Issues

"The HUB" Vol. XXX, No.2
Bimonthly newsletter of March - April 2009


Hub Editor: Taryn Barnett at

Saturday, March 7, 2008, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

March Program

March 7th - Hearth Basket with Bonnie C

Kits will be provided for $10.00. Please bring a 12” or larger ruler, scissors, hand towel, and water bucket for soaking reeds.

April Program

April 4th - Weave a Purse with Karen Fry

Warp 2 harnesses of a loom at 8 ends per inch for 12 to 13 inches wide with at least 36 inches plus waste of cotton warp thread.

Bring fabric cut in 1and inches width strips.  Bring your scissors, loom and strips of fiber. Warp is 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2etc.

Calendar of Events

March 7th - NPSWG Program Meeting at Christ Church

March 17th - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

April 4th - NPSWG Business/Program Meeting at Christ Church

April 21st - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m. 

Minutes of the February 2009 NPSWG Meeting

Old Business. President Karen Fry called the meeting to order. The minutes of the December meeting were approved. Bonnie Orr gave the Treasurer’s Report: savings balance $1377.65, checking balance $1466.12; of the total funds, 1563.90 is designated for the Helen McCartney Scholarship Fund. Bonnie alerted us that, between the $500 rental for the church this year, our recent loom purchase, and our December donation to Heifer International, we have already consumed our anticipated disposable income for the year. She urged us to “be careful” about spending money from here on. She also explained that the IRS had no record of our old tax exempt number, so she filed for a new one. We will not owe tax, but we will need to file an annual return. The IRS will not accept a church mailing address, so Bonnie’s home address is the address of record; this should be updated with the IRS whenever we elect a new Treasurer.

Karen noted that our Baby Wolf loom needs maintenance and may need some new parts. After some discussion, it became clear that we will need a new loom eventually but probably cannot afford it this year. Donna Long also noted that the new looms we recently purchased also need some work; the Crytzers volunteered to try to fix them up. Bonnie will set aside funds for equipment purchase and maintenance so we can build up a reserve for this kind of need.

Bonnie Crtyzer announced the next challenge project: do something you haven’t done before, make something using only fibers in your stash, or combine the two and do a new technique with old fibers. We decided that the due date is the December meeting. Sharon Hoban requested a November reminder of the deadline!

New Business. Bonnie Crytzer gave an update on upcoming programs. The January project was braided rugs; Bonnie had extra materials for anyone who wanted to expand the size of their rug. Judy Hanninen showed her rug that she had finished. The March program will be making a “hearth basket”; this is the type Bonnie uses to store her wool combs. In April, Karen will teach us to make woven purses; participants will need a 2- or 4-harness loom. The May meeting date is the weekend of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival; there is no organized van trip this year, so there may be an alternative program for people who aren’t going. June is tentatively planned as a beginning weaving class with Dave Bell. The July meeting will be moved to July 11 to avoid a time conflict with the July 4th weekend; the program is undetermined as of now. August will be our annual picnic, September will be a Dye Day, October is undetermined, November is making earrings with Janet Smouse, and December is the holiday party and the end of this year’s challenge.

Barb Lodge sent word asking us to be careful when leaving through the upstairs door if you’re coming back in – if the church staff have locked it, it will lock itself behind you as it closes. She also asked people to keep track if they have volunteered to bring cookies to a meeting.

Karen Fry announced a Worship Arts Festival on February 28 at the Edinboro Methodist Church. It runs from 8:30 a.m. to noon and admission is $10. Mathilda Murphy’s liturgical weaving is featured. February 14 is the annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival; this year it has moved to the Cranberry Sheraton.

Show and Tell. Judy Hanninen described working with Blanche Hall to resuscitate a historic loom at Sigrid Piroch’s. Judy described it as a production loom that was “a beast to weave on,” but they succeeded in producing a rep-woven piece that was the first woven on the restored loom. Ann Sheffield showed a hat knit from camel fiber spun in Mongolia; she is now making a Merino liner for the hat because the leftover guard hairs in the camel are too coarse for comfort. Sharon Hoban showed a series of purses she had felted in a rainbow of colors. Roz Macken showed a top-down crochet version she had made of the “percentage sweater.” Bonnie Orr showed some washed Border Leicester lamb fleece and beseeched everyone to take some and pick it – it will then be drum-carded together with llama fiber and perhaps mohair and we can sell batts to the public (we digressed briefly into a discussion of dye possibilities for this fiber and for Dye Day). Marge Weaver showed a soft, snowy-white skein of handspun alpaca.

2009 Dues are now due

NPSWG dues for 2009 are now due and must be received by April 25th in order to get your name in the 2009 Guild Directory.  You may also include a donation to the guild with your dues check, if you wish.

To renew your NPSWG membership, please send a check for $20, payable to NPSWG, to: Sharon Hoban, 314 N. Washington Street, Titusville, PA 16354.

Announcments and Classified Section

FIBERWORKS @ the Bank, 940 Park Avenue in Meadville is expanding again!  More square footage = more looms, more wheels and space for more classes. FIBERWORKS is having a SPRING SALE for members of any guild - 15% off all Louet and Ashford equipment ordered during the months of March and April. Also 15% off all carpet warp purchased in March and April. Upcoming four week weaving class is STRIP GARMENTS, begins Sat. March 21.  One day workshop: Learning to love your Great Wheel, Sunday, March 22. Call or email for class flyer:

FOR SALE: Hammett rug loom, sectional beam, 12 dent reed, refurbished, all warped up and ready to go! You are welcome to come and try her out.  $380 Lorraine Dallas  814.333.1228 or

FOR SALE: Huskystar by Husqvarna Viking, model # ER10 Felting machine -- tried once, not my cup of tea, I am a fabric applique artist. Paid $305 at sewing expo last year, asking $280. Nancy Asmus, call 814.282.8074, or stop by Nancy's Under The Steps @the Bank, 940 Park Ave.

FOR SALE: Great Wheel in excellent condition asking $350. Contact Sue Spencer at

FOR SALE: I have a beautiful Cranbrook floor loom 72"- w. overhead spool rack, hardwood bench, floor swift, squirrel cage, reeds, hand tools . etc. for sale Offering all the weaving equipment for $3500.00 This is a Ct. location.  Contact Lorraine Yakush
email:  phone: 203 268 0915.

FOR SALE:  I have a large quantity of lambswool and lambswool/mohair in skeins. The yarn is medium gauge 2-ply and is ready to be dyed.  Skeins range in size and cost is $15 - $20 per lb. The wool was raised in an organic environment on my friends farm in Southern Alberta Canada. Contact: Tricia Boyko at

Kelly Armor, the Education & Folk Art Director of the Erie Art Museum asks: do you know anyone who can spin someone's dog hair so it then can be knitted or crocheted?  A friend of mine who has a companion dog who has relatively long hair, would like to hire someone to do this.  Where can such an artisan be found in the region?

Kelly  museum (814) 459-5477   fax (814) 452-1744

Morgen Lauber is curious about the guild and has a daughter who wants to learn to spin. She is getting angora rabbits or goats in the spring and wants to learn to spin the fiber. Can you help us contact anyone who might teach her? We are in Coudersport.
Thank you

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