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"The HUB" Vol. XXII, No. 4
Bimonthly newsletter of July - August 2001


August 4, 2001 from 10:00 - When you want to leave, at Presque Isle


Our annual picnic, this year it's at Presque Isle. Phyllis Vasbinder will conduct an herb-weaving workshop. Other activities will include a naturalist talk and pontoon rides.


Please add the members below to your 2001 Guild Membership list and welcome new members Kitty, Mary, Maeghan and Anne.

Sally Demmler,
Maeghan Edwards,
Mary Edwards,
Kitty Katz
Anne Peppel,
Joyce Rose,

Please see the online directory (members only) for addresses and phone numbers.


There are way too many books and magazines being kept out of circulation for way too long. Bring them back! Surely two months is long enough to get to a copier and copy whatever it is you need.


Treasurer's Report: $854.12 checking, 1310.06 savings

Highland Games: through sales and fees, we earned a total of $299.55, which includes $65 from sale of the shawl, that we wove that day.

August 4 meeting: it was decided to have our annual picnic at Presque Isle. Phyllis Vasbinder will conduct an herb-weaving workshop. Other activities will include a naturalist talk and pontoon rides.

Newsletter: If members are content to receive their copy of the HUB via e-mail, let Susan Fenton know. These people will then be dropped from the mailing list. In the interest of security, Susan will not include members home addresses or phone numbers on the Internet copy, only e-mail addresses. If most of the members with e-mail are willing to do this, it will reduce newsletter costs. Other concerns were to include a schedule of times for our board meeting and program. Also requested was a map and directions to meeting place. Laura will be going to college next year and a new editor will be needed.

Christmas Party - Sig has offered to present the Schacht Shuttle Show. We need an organizer for the party games and gift exchange.

Forest Fiber Festival. Sept 8, Two Mile Run Park. All members are requested to help distribute the flyers. There will be a skein competition. Donna Wellman will organize the longest thread contest, but will need a helper. Bonnie has three vendors so far. She also has a signup list for volunteers to help set up and knock down.

Pioneer Steam Engine Show. It was decided that individuals could attend and spin, but that we would not do a shawl. It was suggested that we keep a list of members willing to demonstrate on short notice. Bonnie has 25 drop spindles that can be used by anyone planning to demonstrate spinning to a group.

EGLFC. Joyce Rose reported on the progress of the Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference. Oct 7-8-9, 2001 at Chautauqua Institute.

Crawford Co Fair. Elaine Fertig has arranged for spinners to demonstrate on Aug 22, 1:30, in the Home Ec Building.

Barb Lodge described the gift from Ron McCartney of the remainder of Helen's weaving and spinning stuff. It was decided to sell it all, and use the proceeds to underwrite workshop scholarships in Helen's memory.

Sue Spencer related a "Thank You" from the church for our part in the success of the Church auction. Also, we are asked for one member to demonstrate some aspect of fiber arts for one hour each day of the Summer Arts Program, Aug 13-17, specifically directed to 6-12 yr. olds. So far volunteers include Ilene for weaving, and Donna W. needle felting.

A Shawl for Donna. Donna W. would like a shawl to keep herself warm while undergoing chemo. Joanna donated Shetland top which was distributed to spinners, who will pass their spun and plied yarn to Barb by June 19, (Tues Spin Day) and she will weave the shawl.


Members who read The Hub online and wish to stop receiving a paper copy of The Hub in the mail should email Susan Fenton at and ask to be put on the "do not mail" list for the Hub. You will be sent an email notice when the new issue of The Hub goes online, which is generally around the same time it goes in the mail.


I've been thinking that for events like Fiber Fest, it might be nice to have some sort of video presentation (10-15 mins.) to 1) explain fiber things that we don't get to talk about or people don't see when we demonstrate; and 2) showcase some of the work and activities of the guild members, so over the next few months, WITH YOUR HELP, I'm going to try to put such a thing together. I'm still looking into both form and format options but the vision is for a few sentences on historical context; a very broad overview of fiber types, preparation methods & tools; cultural perspectives; and finished pieces, etc. I'd like to involve as many of you as possible, so I'm asking for any material you may think appropriate, especially fiber photos taken abroad and finished pieces you've done. (Won't be the 15 minutes of fame Andy Warhol promised, but some recognition, none the less.). Bonnie has already agreed to be video taped while combing, and if anyone else is so inclined, please let me know. If you're able, you can submit e-photos, or if not, I can arrange to take digital pictures. Any ideas you have will also be appreciated. Thanks,

Roz Macken, Email: or


There are still a lot of items left from the McCartney gift: A Studio Knitting Machine (Bulky)--$300, warping reel $100, umbrella swift $36, Shetland-type 2-ply wool--cones $8.40 and skeins $4.20, wool singles-cones $7.80 and skeins $4.80, wool bats suitable for felting $4, plus several misc. bags of fleece. If interested, email Barb Lodge,


The guild has received a packet of information from Handweavers guild of America (HGA) including scholarships. They are for furthering education in the field of fiber arts, including but not limited to handweaving, basketmaking, dyeing, plus training for research, textile history, and conservation. The Dendel Scholarship may be used for tuition, supplies or travel. The HGA Scholarship for tuition. Both are based on artistic and technical excellence rather than financial need. You can download forms from There is also the Silvio and Eugenia Petrini Grant, and the Mearl K. Gable II Memorial Grant. The packet is in the guild library.

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