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Past Issues

"The HUB" Vol. XXV, No.6
Bimonthly newsletter of November - December 2004


Saturday, December 4, 2004, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 pm
Christ Episcopal Church, Diamond Park, Meadville, PA

November Program

Icelandic Fleece We will divide into two groups. One will comb to separate and prepare the down and outer fiber. The other will prepare both together. We will all spin the three fiber preps and compare our results.

December Christmas Program

We will have a Christmas exchange this year. If you would like to participate, please bring a fiber related gift.

This year instead of a dinner we will have an Hors D’oeuvre party. Please bring something to share and bring the recipe if you would like to exchange. The guild will provide the drinks. Please dress in your handspun, hand-woven, knitted items. Show and tell will be our program. If you aren't wearing it, bring it to show and tell and explain to others the process or pattern. Please bring your favorite thing from years past. Poncho's are back from the 60's and 70's. We all could use some new or old ideas for future projects.


Minutes of the October Meeting

The October Meeting was not held because a quorum was not present at Dye Day.

Notes from the President

Another year has come and gone. This is a final goodbye and a new hello as President.

As you all know Pat Retchloff will be you’re new V. President and program chairman for the next 2 years. We all look forward to the exciting programs that Pat will prepare for us. I have enjoyed the opportunity to present programs for you the past 2 years and I will appreciate all the hard work that future chairs will undertake. Anyone wishing to present a program please contact Pat. The guild pays $25 for a presentation and $50 for a day workshop. All members are encouraged to share their knowledge with us. It is always fun to learn new information and expand on old. My final program will be the Christmas program.

The year 2005 will mark the 25th anniversary for the guild. Please give us your suggestions in writing for a great celebration.

The January spinning group will be preparing fiber for The Great Sock Challenge. This challenge will run from January to June. The guild will provide nylon and fleece for the project. If you would like to participate, but do not want to knit socks, please join us and make your favorite item. Please bring hand and drum carders, spinning wheels or spindles to process the fiber. Socks or hats would make a nice charity gift.

March spinning group will continue with The Great Sock Challenge.

May, 1st weekend will be our annual trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool

May, 3rd weekend Edinboro, fleece to shawl.

July, 3rd weekend Waterford, fleece to shawl.

Note from The Editor

The Holiday Season is rapidly coming upon us. The Editor and Staff of The Hub pray for all of you to have peace, joy and happiness at the holidays and throughout the year.

Merry Christmas - Happy Chanukkah - Blessed and Prosperous New Year

Dues are Due

Tis the time of the year that we need to renew our memberships with the NPSWG by paying our 2005 dues. They are still $10.00. Please make your check out to “NPSWG” and get to Susan Fenton along with your current address, phone number and e-mail address. Thank you

From the Editor

We are finally getting some newsletters from other guilds. These will be available in the library for viewing. Please take the time to look through them for valuable information. I’ve put some info in The Hub but can’t put it all in.

Interweave Press subscription renewal forms are still available in the guild library for a discount rate on their magazines.

“New Knitting into the Ministry”

Mondays 4:00 PM at Christ Church in Meadville, PA: “New Knitting into the Ministry”. A group of knitters meet to knit, pray and create shawls for anyone who needs them. Contact Sue Spencer or Joanna McDermot for more information.

“Great Places to shop”

FIBERWORKS, Lorraine Dallas, located in the Meadville Market House, 910 Market Street, Meadville, PA 16335, email: Hours: 8 to 4 Mon thru Sat. Louet and Ashford wheels, carders and related equipment in stock. Large selection of spinning fibers, quality knitting yarns and needles. Class and workshop schedule. Call ahead a day or two if you wish to try out wheels. Thanks for your continued support!

Classified Section

From: "Andrea Pasquale"
Subject: Instructor Inquiries
Hello, I am looking for instructors to teach intermediate to advanced spinning and weaving workshops for Fiberfest 05 in Kirtland, Ohio. Could you please contact your teaching members to see who might be interested in doing this. Fiberfest 05 is June 23 - 26. Proposals may be sent to me at this email address or by mail to: Andrea Pasquale, Lake Farmpark, 8800 Chardon Rd, Kirtland, OH or phone at 800-366-3276. Will accept 1 to 4 days of teaching, whatever instructor is willing to teach. Instructors with multiple teaching dates or coming from a distance will be lodged at a local hotel. Workshop sessions are 3-hours for a half day, 6-hours for 1-day, etc. Pay rates are $90 per 3-hour session + expenses. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you! Andrea Pasquale

Subject: alpaca fiber for sale
Hello, My name is Susan South. I along with my husband run a small alpaca farm in Bellville, Ohio. We are looking for people interested in buying our raw alpaca fiber. If you know anyone interested please have them e-mail us at
Thankyou, Susan and Brad South, Subra Alpaca Farm

From: "Michael Brown" Subject: Spinning Chair
Hello, I make a spinning chair that I thought might interest you and your members as the spinners that have purchased them tell me how wonderfully comfortable they are. Originally designed as a cellist's music chair now I make more for spinners. You can see it by clicking this link and looking at "music chair". Thank you , Michael

Calendar of Events

November 6th – NPSWG Program Meeting at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to-2:00P.M.

November 16th – NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to-2:00P.M.

December 4th – NPSWG Christmas Party/Business Meeting at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to 2:00P.M.

December 21st – NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to-2:00P.M.

January 1st – NPSWG Program Meeting at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to-2:00P.M.

January 18th – NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to-2:00P.M.

February 11th & 12th : “Double Weave with Suzanne Halvorson” at the Canton, Ohio Museum of Art.

April 28th thru 30th :Weave a Legend, Weave a Coverlet by Sigrid Piroch at Cleveland Hgts, Ohio

June 12th thru 18th: Midwest Weaver’s Conference 2005 at Lakeland College, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

July 6th thru 10th Fiber Arts Conference at University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, PA

July 11th thru 17th MAFA 2005 Leesburg, Virginia

October 8th thru 10th: “Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference” at Chautauqua Institution, New York


A workshop presented by Sigrid Piroch
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, April 28-30, 2005
Church of the Saviour, 2537 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Sigrid is coming back to CWG!!!! For those of you who might have felt a bit daunted by the idea of creating a coverlet, now’s your chance to learn! This is a step-by-step workshop in which the participant will learn to plan, design and draw down a pattern, correct imbalances, develop an inscription, plan panels and seam placement, work out borders and fringes, weave a sample, use a temple, finish and assemble one’s piece. We are to bring our looms with us, undressed. The warp will be supplied by the guild (cost to be split up between participants). You don’t need to think big for this one – you can learn plenty by producing a table or dresser scarf, or a wall hanging, or go for the whole enchilada and do the coverlet. If we get a minimum signup of 12 people, cost for the 3 days is $100. Deadline for signup is January 20th, 2005. One can either pay the full amount then or $75, with the balance due the first day of the workshop. There is no refund for cancellations. There is a fee paid directly to the instructor for our workshop supplies, cost to be determined (probably not more than $15, which will include the warp).

Contact information:
Parlin Meyer
104 Ridgewood Road
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
Phone: 440-247-8964
Fax: 440-247-9026
Email: (there is an UNDERLINE symbol between our names that doesn’t show up here)


Weave a Legend – Weave a Coverlet Workshop, April 28-30, 2005
Address:______________________________________ Phone:_________________________
Amount Enclosed:________________
Send to: Parlin Meyer, 104 Ridgewood Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022



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