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Past Issues

"The HUB" Vol. XXVI, No.1
Bimonthly newsletter of January - February 2005


Saturday, February 5, 2005, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 pm
Christ Episcopal Church, Diamond Park, Meadville, PA

January Program

This meeting has been cancelled. The “Sock Challenge” will begin on March 5th . Happy New Year

February Program

Roz is doing Mittens. As with spinning, there is quite a bit of difference in the performance of different wools, and so that everyone ends up with the same & satisfactory results, I'll furnish the fiber. I'll also have some extras of the other things on the list for those that don't.

Bring for felted mittens:

  • file folder or poster board large enough to cover both hands and have a 2" margin around each
  • 6-12" ruler; pencil; scissors
  • 1 or 2 old bath towels
  • oblong pan to wet fibers (cake pan, lasagna pan, etc.)
  • dowel rod 12-15” long
  • 2 pieces nylon net or bridal tulle approx. 15" x 22"
  • 2 pieces bubble wrap (with medium bubble size) approx. 15" x 22"
  • felting board or metal wash board


Minutes of the December Meeting

The December meeting was called to order at 10:00A.M. by President Wellman. The treasurers report was read. The checking account balance is $896.94, savings account balance is $2504.20. The total, including the McCartney fund, is $3401.14.

The budget was brought up and ways to reduce spending were discussed. Items mentioned are as follows:

  • The Hub is one of the greatest recurring expenses. Ways to reduce Hub expenses that were discussed, included having members with e-mail addresses receive the Hub via that venue. Postage is going up next year and currently the Hub postage cost is approximately $37.00 each publication. Action is pending.
  • The church rent $175.00 annually.
  • Annual magazine subscriptions and affiliations were mentioned.
  • A recommendation was put forth to raise the membership dues. A discussion followed and a motion was made to increase annual dues from $10.00 to $15.00. A vote was taken and approved. The membership dues for 2006 and forward will be $15.00.

Christ Church is having an event in February and we were asked to donate an item. Matilda Murphy graciously offered to donate a shawl.

It was recommended that the guild’s “By-laws” should be updated. A committee was set up to recommend and write the needed amendments. The three-member committee is Bonnie Crytzer, Roz Macken and Sue Spencer.

A motion was made that when a guild member receives a scholarship from the McCartney Fund, that their program fee be reimbursed to the scholarship fund, after they present their required program to the NWPSWG. A vote was taken and the motion passed.

If you have placed an ad in the guild brochure and have not yet paid, please do so before the February meeting. Ads will be deleted if not paid for by then.

Donna asked for ideas on ways to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary. A form was passed out on which you can annotate your thoughts, and is also online (members only). Please return to Donna.

Guild award nominee names are needed. Cotton warp is needed. Ilene has offered to weave some awards for us. Sue S. will get the brass plaque made and the art gallery (Meadville) will do the framing. We need to set up when and how to vote. On line was suggested for those who can.

We have had a problem with library books coming up missing and discussed ways to improve this. Sponsors for new members was not an option. It looks like the library will be open only on and during the Tues. and Sat. meeting. Roz has written up a procedure for signing out material if you are not familiar with this. We also have a current list of materials available (members only).

The prices of renting equipment have changed. The 8 harness Baby Wolf is $12.00 a week. All other equipment is $6.00 a week.

Notes from the President

Winter is here to stay. Get a cup of tea, dig out your fiber, oil up your wheel, spin some yarn, warp up the loom or get those needles clicking. We all could use some new ideas. Be sure to bring your show and tell to the February meeting. Don't forget to fill out your questionnaire and return it to me. I can't read your mind on what you want to do for the 25th year celebration. Join me in Butler on Jan 5, 2005 for a twined weaving demonstration. If you have a sample to show bring it with you.

We are going to have a busy year. Pat has some great programs planned. There will be lots of new festivals, and spinning demonstrations for us to attend. If you have any ideas for spinning or demonstrating, please let us know. We need to invite more spinners and weavers to join us.

Just a note to remind everyone that we have several new items to rent. Bonnie and Jim built new 5 pitch English combs for us and a new picker is available. I also purchased a small loom if anyone would like to try it. Please take notice of the new rates. We would like to buy a few more things. If you rent, please return things clean and on time so that they are ready to rent again. Let’s have a great New Year. Donna

Calendar of Events

January 1st – NWPSWG Program Meeting has been cancelled. Happy New Years

January 18th – NWPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to-2:00P.M.

February 5th – NWPSWG Business/Program Meeting at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to 2:00P.M.

February 15th - NWPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to-2:00P.M.

February 11th & 12th - “Double Weave with Suzanne Halvorson” at the Canton, Ohio Museum of Art.

March 5th – NWPSWG Program Meeting at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to-2:00P.M.(Sock Challenge)

March 15th – NWPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to-2:00P.M.

April 28th thru 30th - Weave a Legend, Weave a Coverlet by Sigrid Piroch at Cleveland Hgts, Ohio

May 7th - Annual bus trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

May 21st - Edinboro Highland Games Fleece to Shawl Demonstration

June 12th thru 18th - Midwest Weaver’s Conference 2005 at Lakeland College, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

July 6th thru 10th -Fiber Arts Conference at University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, PA

July 11th thru 17th - MAFA 2005 Leesburg, Virginia

July 16th - Waterford Demonstration

October 8th thru10th - “Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference” at Chautauqua Institution, New York


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