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Past Issues

"The HUB" Vol. XXVIII, No.1
Bimonthly newsletter of January - February 2007


Saturday, February 3, 2007, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Christ Episcopal Church, Diamond Park, Meadville, PA

January Program

Sue Spencer and a guest speaker, demonstration of Kumi Hi Mo--a Japanese braiding.

February Program

Anita Hotchkiss--Tri-loom weaving. 18" looms will be available for those who want to make a small neck scarf. You will need about 40 yds of yarn. Homespun works great.


Calendar of Events

January 6th - NPSWG Program Meeting at Christ Church

January 16st - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

February 3rd - NPSWG Business/Program Meeting at Christ Church

February 20th - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

Minutes of the December 2006 NPSWG Meeting

President Joanna McDermot opened the meeting by announcing that there were so many good prizes donated to the Raffle that we would have a Chinese Auction instead. Joanna then opened a discussion of the Guild’s financial situation. She reviewed what happened at the August meeting, when we learned a) that the Guild has been operating at a deficit and b) that the annual rental at Christ Church was likely to increase by a large amount. At that meeting, the Executive Committee was charged with meeting to review the situation and report back to the Guild. In the months that followed, the Guild was offered free use of the church in Titusville, Joanna began polling the Guild to find out if members preferred staying in Meadville (if affordable) or moving to Titusville.

Ann Sheffield, Secretary, presented a report on the Executive Committee meeting, which had already been distributed to members through email and post (if anyone still needs this, let me know and I will get you a copy. –A.S.) One suggestion in the report was to raise dues, and this question was discussed first. We voted to raise the annual dues to $20 per year, effective immediately.

Bonnie Crytzer, Treasurer, reported that the Guild currently has $3206.74 (=$1498.90 Helen McCartney Scholarship Fund + $1707.84 operating funds. She then gave a presentation on our income and expenditures for that past few years. The ensuing discussion clarified just where our money has been coming from and going to. Joanna then announced the result of the poll to determine where the Guild will meet and noted that Christ Church had offered us a rent of $250 for next year. The Guild’s preference was to stay at Christ Church, at least for the coming year.

Joanna then led a discussion of ways to raise money, including those listed in the Executive Committee’s report and others suggested by Guild members. We voted to send an annual dues reminder to all members before the December meeting and include with a suggestion that they consider donating to the Guild (this year, the reminders will go out as soon after the meeting as possible).

Other ideas suggested at the meeting included:

  • ask those who receive the Hub by mail to consider donating the cost of postage
  • put out a can for donations at meetings and events
  • sell shawl raffle tickets at the Crawford County Fair and other large venues
  • ask members to consider sponsoring a Guild magazine subscription
  • have Guild mugs made again and sell them
  • make shawls more visually appealing to the general public
  • put together photos and materials that tell the story of a shawl and its makers (us!) to increase market appeal
  • work on producing Guild shawls to sell at meetings and build up an inventory
  • update the Guild flyer and make copies to distribute at demos and in shops. Delete contact information that becomes outdated quickly; Susan Fenton said that she can create a permanent Guild email address. (The Crytzers agreed to update the flyer and do an initial run of 100 copies).

Joanna stressed that this discussion is only the beginning of the process and that we will continue to consider these issues in the months ahead.

Old and New Business: Sue Spencer suggested modifying the Helen McCartney Scholarship guidelines so that members may apply every year; this idea will need discussion at a future meeting. Sue also announced that Contemporary Crafts in Pittsburgh is featuring a fiber exhibit. She added that the Butler Arts Center has invited the Guild to participate in a “Threads” exhibit, Aug. 3-31 – they would like us to demonstrate and mount a museum display. We decided to do it! Sue will coordinate.

Bonnie announced that Donna Wellman was on a road trip to Arizona with her medical needs arranged for all along the way. Sharon Reiland said that she is working with some local art shows to persuade them to add fiber categories. Barb Lodge noted that the Meadville Council on the Arts has a new director who may be more open to fiber art than her predecessor. Roz Macken, Librarian, noted that Ann Sheffield had donated a copy of Knitting in the Nordic Tradition to the library. Bonnie reminded members that the Interweave Press discount on magazine subscriptions was still available. Visitors were introduced and welcomed.

Show and Tell: Karen Fry showed some socks, plus her orb and a gorgeous fish from the felting workshop. Chris McCormick has been selling so many of her handmade purses to a shop in California that it is starting to feel like a job! Ann Sheffield showed a Faroese shawl knitted from Shetland yarn. Mabel Cable finally fired up an old barn loom and had made six rugs in two weeks. She brought two to show, and explained that the yarn had been salvaged by her mother-in-law from a fiber factory dumpster! Joanna showed “Annie’s Keepers,” a system for organizing yarn and thread samples made by a woman in her church. Anita Hotchkiss showed a locker-hooked Christmas tree, a felted ball with a Styrofoam core, bracelets, and a covered stool. Roz showed felted slippers and a pair of mysterious objects alleged to be “wool carders”; we agreed that they were probably fullers. Ruth Walker-Daniels put out Christmas cards with small weaving samples in them – she suggested that we could make and sell cards like this as a promotion.

Program and Party: Anita taught us to make needle-felted ornaments using cookie cutters as patterns. There was (of course) much delicious food, the excitement of the Chinese auction, a gift exchange, and a valiant effort by Sue Spencer to read A Child’s Christmas in Wales to an unruly Guild.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Sheffield, Secretary

Words From Our President


As we look forward to a New Year of enjoyment of the fibers we love and the learning we all enjoy, I want to thank all of you for your support and good humor during our difficult past few months. We were feeling insecure and unsure where we would be in the near future. Thanks to the super efforts of Bonnie, we seem to be able to remain in our Christ Church home for the coming year. Good news! And thanks, too, to all of you who carry on month after month, providing programs, good food, and fellowship. We remain strong in all the qualities we have enjoyed all these years.

I learned some important things, too, while we struggled to examine ourselves. One thing I see is the value of communication and open discussion. At our December meeting, we all benefited and took active part in a time of "brainstorming" and sharing of ideas. I hope to continue that feature for our future business meetings, setting aside at least ten minutes each meeting for us to bounce our ideas around - no strings attached. We'll see what inspiration comes out of it.

So as we move into a New Year, I thank you all again for your faithful support, and look forward to Happy Fibering.

My love to you all,

PS Is there such a word as "fibering"? If not, there ought to be!

Welcome Aboard

New Member: Taryn Barnett, Please see Membership Directory for full contact information.

Special Thanks

Our special thanks to Ann Sheffield for sponsoring the Wild Fiber magazine for the next 2 years.

Update on Butler Arts Council Show

Hi, Please put in the Hub. Update on Butler Arts Council. Their board meets in late January. I will iron out all details and keep you posted on the August show in Butler. Thanks for agreeing to participate. Keep working on your projects so we have a good turnout. Sue Spencer

Classified Section

For Sale: HAMETT 4 HARNESS FLOOR LOOM-36 inch 2 cloth beams; 6 treadles; 8, 10, 12 dent reeds; rag shuttle; this is a great loom-selling only due to health reasons! Asking $400
Chris McCormick, Meadville.

If you are looking for fiber equipment like looms or wheels etc. please check the latest other guild newsletters.

"Double Play" Workshop by Nadine Sanders in New Jersey

Jockey Hollow Weavers is hosting west coast weaver Nadine Sanders, for a workshop to be held on February 22nd, 23rd, and 24th in Mendham, NJ.

The workshop is called “Double Play” and explores the Theo Moorman structure. Nadine sends the warps in advance, and this will NOT be a round robin. For more information about the program, check out her website at

Based on current reservations, we estimate the cost for the three days will fall at $125 per person OR less. (JHW policy is to split the cost of the workshop among the participants. There may be a materials fee that will be additional.)

Please contact Sherrie Miller quickly if you or any of your members has an interest in attending. Sherrie can be reached at

Because the warps need to be shipped from Seattle and the looms dressed before the workshop, we’ll need to close the enrollment period for this workshop shortly after the New Year begins. There are currently three spaces left.

We hope you will join us for this exciting opportunity!

Happy New Year

We Wish to All, A Happy & Healthy Year In 2007. From The Hub Staff

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