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"The HUB" Vol. XXIX, No.1
Bimonthly newsletter of January - February 2008


Hub Editor: Bonnie Crytzer at

Saturday, February 2, 2008, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Christ Episcopal Church, Diamond Park, Meadville, PA

January Program

We will have a weaving lesson at Mathilda Murphy's home. “Weaving with plastic bags” It’s not what it seems and it’s really a neat way to use up these bags. START SAVING YOUR PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS.

Email Mathilda or call her if you need directions to her house.

February Program

The Program for February will be a surprise to all, as no information was sent in for inclusion in the Hub.

Hosting will be Bonnie C and Barb


Calendar of Events

January 5th - NPSWG Program Meeting at Mathilda Murphy’s home,

January 15th - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

February 2nd - NPSWG Business/Program Meeting at Christ Church

February 19th - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

CORRECTIONS to the Minutes of the October 2007 NPSWG Meeting

The values of the funds in the operating budget and the Helen McCartney Scholarship Fund were reversed in the published minutes. The correct values for October were: operating funds, $2496.29; Helen McCartney Fund, $1438.90.

The funds to cover members’ attendance at the workshop at the Erie Arts Museum were to come from the Guild operating budget, not the Helen McCartney Fund.

Minutes of the December 2007 NPSWG Meeting

President Joanna McDermot called us to order and reminded us to wear our name tags.

Old Business. The minutes of the October meeting were revised (see corrections elsewhere in the Hub) and then approved as amended. Bonnie Crytzer gave the Treasurer’s Report: operating funds, $2214.43; Helen McCartney Scholarship Fund, $1498.90. Dues are due for 2008 ($20 per family). Bonnie also requested that members give her information on skills they are willing to share so she can add them to the Guild list. Susan Fenton noted that she receives requests for help from readers of the Guild Web site; Susan will add listings of shops and vendors to our site.

Bonnie announced that a “Women’s Fiber Fest” will be held at the Alliance YWCA on March 15. There will be demonstrations, vendors (more are welcome) and workshops. Further information is available at 330-823-1840 or . Cyndi Bailey asked if the Guild has the discount forms for Interweave Magazines. Roz Macken said that the library has some but added that the discount was no better than the one offered on the card inserts in the magazines.

New Business. We will need to elect new officers at the June meeting. After some discussion of the nominating process, the consensus was to ask for volunteers for the elected offices – President, Vice-President (program chair), Treasurer, and Secretary. Anyone willing to take on one of these jobs should let Joanna know that she is interested by the February meeting. If no one steps forward, then we will need to form a nominating committee to press-gang identify candidates by the April meeting. Joanna clarified that, although the Vice-President takes office in June, programs are already scheduled through December, so the new person (or people – this office is often filled by a pair of co-Vice-Presidents) does not have to coordinate a program until the following year.

Bonnie noted that she has received notes from people buying and selling equipment; notices will be in the Hub. She also announced that the Butler Guild is hosting a show and sale in honor of their 25th anniversary. It will be housed at the Arts Center in Butler from 11/30/2007 – 1/2/2008 and is open W/Th 12-6, F 12-9, and Sat 12-4.

Joanna asked about the status of our agreement with Christ Church – will we be able to meet here next year? Bonnie replied that the church had agreed to rent the space to us again at the same price plus $25 to cover storage space for our library. Bonnie has already paid this. Her contact person at the church requested a written contract but was gravely injured in an accident before this was followed up, so we will let the matter rest for now.

Sue Spencer urged us to consider sponsoring a major workshop – Sue can’t coordinate it herself but is willing to help whoever does. Joanna urged people to think about teachers they’d like to learn from and consider coordinating a workshop with one of them. Barb Lodge added that the authors of articles in fiber magazines usually teach professionally and will provide information about their classes upon request. Joanna encouraged us to think big!

Sue donated copies of Lucet Braiding and New Pathways for Sock Knitters to the Guild library (thank you, Sue!) and noted that she can get other books at a discount through Kindred Spirits. She suggested Sally Melville’s series on knitting, and the Guild voted to buy The Knit Stitch and consider buying the other volumes later if we like the first one. Roz Macken noted that Felted Knits has arrived and is available from the Guild library. She added that the Sept/Oct Handwoven focuses on bags made using a variety of techniques, some of them applicable to our challenge project.

Susan Fenton reminded everyone that they could pay their 2008 dues during the meeting. Joanna noted that we also have the option of adding a contribution to the Guild. Roz asked Susan to remind us how to get into the Guild Web site. Susan explained that you need your membership number to access the Members’ area initially, but you can change your password once you’re in. The membership number appears on the label of the printed Hub; members who get their copies by email can contact Susan for their membership numbers. In the course of the discussion, it emerged that the .pdf file of the Guild’s library holdings can be downloaded but is somewhat outdated.

Joanna observed that new members may not be aware of the Helen McCartney Scholarship and how it works. Applicants may request funding for up to $150 or for half the actual cost of a workshop. Recipients agree to do a program for the Guild, and the money they would have been paid for the program is instead transferred into the Helen McCartney Fund. The proceeds from the sale of one Guild shawl each year also go into the Fund to help maintain it. Applications for scholarships are available from Barb Lodge or on the Guild Web page.

Sue Spencer announced that the Otter Creek Store would be closing on December 16 and was having a Christmas sale Dec 8-9.

Show and Tell. Bob Stine’s needle-felted Tooth Fairy put in a second Guild appearance for those who missed her debut. Sue Spencer was wearing the “Einstein coat” she had knitted from a pattern in The Knit Stitch. She had also knit some wrist warmers and a capelet that featured short rows to shape it around the shoulders. She also announced that she had “cheeses” of pencil roving available for sale. Taryn Barnett showed socks she knitted using the “magic numbers” from Cat Bordi’s book. Taryn used “tofutsies” yarn made from wool, soy silk, cotton, and chitin. Mable Cable had made a huge shawl on a triangle loom. Roz showed a spun sample of bamboo fiber and a beautiful bag she had made entirely by wet-felting. We briefly digressed into a discussion of felting, and Mary Catherine Stack asked for help locating a crochet bag pattern designed for felting to use in the challenge project. Karen Fry had also made tofutsies socks and described how much she enjoys working with this yarn.

We then adjourned for our ornament exchange, delicious shared food, and Joanna’s clear and helpful program on making cord with a lucet.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Sheffield, Secretary


Dear Guild Members,

Here we are starting a New Year and I hope for you all a blessed year to come. I can hardly believe that my term in office will end this summer -- how time does fly when we're doing the things we love.

You need to start thinking now about the many skills YOU have to offer and to share with the Guild. Would you be willing to serve a term as Guild Chair? Would you be willing to sign on as a vice-chair and program planner? What are some other things you will be willing to do?

Look on the back of your HUB and see some of the positions other folk are handling. Can you help too? Think about what you would enjoy doing, and let me (Joanna) know by the February meeting. If we find enough volunteers we won't even need to call a nominating committee. Wouldn't that be great?

And by the way - don't forget to bring treasures to donate to our monthly raffle. The raffle is one of our favorite regular events. Also be sure to remember Show-and-Tell. We want to admire all the projects we've been working on over the past few months.

Peace to you all for 2008 - and beyond,


The guild is requesting contact information from all members. This is your interest in teaching and helping another with your knowledge in spinning, weaving, knitting, felting, etc. We also need your permission to list you on the public area of our web site. If you have a shop, what do you sell? If you sell out of your home, what do you sell? I have some information but need your permission to put on the web site. If I haven’t talked to you please send me a note or get me at the next meeting. Bonnie

A Note From Sigrid

Hi everyone! I wanted especially to thank everyone in the guild who came to my opening reception and exhibit, or perhaps saw it at another time. It was very special for me to see such a fine turnout and to meet with so many people again that have had an impact on my lives. We also set a record for the number of interested and involved students at Westminster College!

If anyone looking for an older LeClerc, 45 inch with the bench, and 3 reeds, please get in touch with me. Cost flexible. That will help ARTS a huge bunch. THANKS!

Don't let the snow flakes get you down. Cheers to all:-)))
Sigrid at ARTS

Crocheted Fulled Bag

The DIY Network (Do-It-Yourself) website has a variety of how-to's on their "Crafts" page, including knitting, crochet, jewelry, sewing, and scrap booking: For a fulled crochet bag, choose Crochet Patterns under Needle Arts. The pattern is called ”1Crochet, 2Crochet, 3Crochet, 4" has contains directions for a scarf, placemat, and a bag which is fulled. There are 3 pages. The bag is at the end. The "Asymmetrical Tote" is for a crocheted bag but is not fulled. There are a few others that might suit too. I haven't used any of them so don't know how they make up, just FYI.

Classified Section

Hello this is Danetta daughter raises a few angora goats and is now in college which I guess means I feed a couple angora goats for her...anyway she has some raw angora wool available for sale for $1.00 per pound. Some is gray some is off white or cream I guess because I don’t think it could be called white. I am no judge of quality that would have to be determined by someone qualified. But I thought perhaps you would know someone interested and could pass on the information for us...thank you in advance..Danetta Soergel

Two Leclerc Looms, in brand new condition, that I want to sell as I am downsizing in anticipation of retiring and moving. Here is what I have: Two Leclerc 45" floor looms --- 4 shaft Mira, 8 shaft Nilus, 2 extra reeds, bobbin stand, tension box, 2" sectional on Mira, bench with open sides, weaving books, and supplies. Asking price for Leclerc Mira with its supplies $1900 and for Leclerc Nilus with its supplies $2700. Looms are located in Mechanicsburg area.Email me at or

Great Wheel in great shape in Bradford, PA Bonnie McMillan

LeClerc 45” counterbalance loom, 2 back beams, one sectional warp, shed regulator, raddle, 12 dent reed, “Warp and Weave”. LeClerc bench with storage and 2 side pockets .Contact or

8 harness Kyra floor loom, bench and warping board $1500.00 Email

40” Gilmore 8 harness, 12 treadle loom with plain and sectional warp beams, warping reel, bench, and more equipment @ Alfred Station, NY and must be picked up. Susan Greene,


With the motto “Man enough to knit, strong enough to purl,” this site is a good (and pride-inducing) resource for any male knitters you may know—and it could probably convince quite a few nonknitting fellas to give it a whirl. Like much crafting stuff for guys, encourages male knitters to come out of the shadows and take their rightful place alongside the ladies. The site sports an all-male knitting forum (“Share”), advice on learning to knit, links to blogs, and info on men’s knitting groups in America. They’ve even started a magazine, Men Knit, which features super-cool patterns for guys, including ear warmers to go under a bicycle or motorcycle helmet. Clever, eh?

We Wish to All, a Happy & Healthy Year In 2008.
From The Hub Staff

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