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"The HUB" Vol. XXIX, No.3
Bimonthly newsletter of May - June 2008


Hub Editor: Bonnie Crytzer at

Saturday, June 7, 2008, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Christ Episcopal Church, Diamond Park, Meadville, PA

May Program

No scheduled program as many members will be taking the annual trek to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. 

June Program

For our June meeting, we will be making TAMARI BALLS. 
Originally made as a child's toy--a wad of rags, wrapped around with layers of rag strips, and finally covered with a layer of wrapped thread.  The final layer of thread provides a base for embroidery.  Overtime these balls have evolved into an art form.  We will use Styrofoam balls for a base.  Balls, wrapping thread, and needles will be provided.  But we do need 5/2 perle cotton for the embroidery.  Please bring any 5/2 perle that you are willing to share.  I have a cone of red.  Each person needs only a few yards of each of two to three colors.  Other materials needed include scissors, and a thimble.  Small pliers are also helpful when you place the needle too deep into the Styrofoam.

Hosting are Bonnie Orr and Karen Fry

Calendar of Events

March 1st - NPSWG Program Meeting at Christ Church

March 18th - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

April 5th - NPSWG Business/Program Meeting at Christ Church

April 15th - NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

Minutes of the April 2008 NPSWG Meeting

President Joanna McDermot called the meeting to order. The minutes of the February meeting were approved. Bonnie Crytzer gave the Treasurer’s Report: operating funds, $2883.38; Helen McCartney Scholarship Fund, $1563.90. Bonnie reminded members that anyone can apply for a Helen McCartney scholarship; talk to anyone on the scholarship committee (Barb Lodge, Joyce Rose, and Sue Spencer) for more information.

Old Business. Joanna gave an update on the various Guild offices. Several positions are filled by volunteers and do not require a vote. For the upcoming year, the volunteers are: Membership Coordinator: Sharon Hoban; Webmistress: Taryn Barnett; Equipment Rental: Donna Long; Helen McCartney Scholarship Committee Chair: Barb Lodge; Librarian: Roz Macken; Newsletter Editor: Jim Crytzer. Joanna expressed the hope that Elaine Fertig will continue to serve as Guild Hostess, and she also thanked all those stepping down, those continuing in office, and those beginning their terms for their service to the Guild. Four Guild officers will be elected by the membership at the June meeting. The candidates are: Program Chair: Bonnie Crytzer; Secretary: Ann Sheffield, and Treasurer: Bonnie Orr. Joanna is willing to continue as our President if needed but would prefer to step down; if anyone is willing to serve as President, please contact Joanna before the June meeting.

Bonnie Crytzer reminded everyone to pay their annual dues by the end of April to be listed in the membership book. A question was raised about family memberships; Susan Fenton explained that people sharing the same home address are considered to have a family membership (the annual dues are the same as for an individual membership).

Linda Durnye talked about the Guild trip to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. At least 11 people need to sign up to cover the cost of the van. Joanna thanked Linda for her work in organizing the trip. [Note: this trip has since been cancelled due to rising gas prices and too few people signing up.] We discussed whether to meet in May – the church is unavailable, and Joanna will be away. We decided that unless someone wants to invite people to their home, we will cancel the May meeting.

Karen Fry said that she had located the Guild shawl with “the big error in it.” She and Barb Lodge realized that it could be made into two nice pillows. A discussion of the Byzantine laws governing craft sales ensued, and it emerged that a “license to stuff” (pillows, toys, etc.) is required by law. It was suggested that we sell the project in the form of woven pillow covers with un-inserted commercial pillow forms.

Karen also noted that she is teaching crafts to people with disabilities, and she asked if she could use the Guild loom for these classes this fall when it is not needed for demonstrations etc. Reaction to the idea was very positive. Karen also asked if anyone had any potholder “looper” looms she could use with the students – Donna Long offered several.

Upcoming events were announced. The Guild is demonstrating at the Edinboro Highland Games on May 17, the Waterford Heritage Days on July 19, a Civil War reenactment in McKean on August 17, and the Waterford Family Field Day on September 27.

Bonnie Crytzer announced that she had a copy of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival book that people could look at. She had also obtained a sample copy of Crochet magazine from Interweave Knits so we can decide if we want to subscribe (this was endorsed enthusiastically later in the meeting). She also had a number of free materials that she had placed on the appropriate table for those interested. Bonnie noted that the Textile Tool Museum has sent us their schedule of programs and suggested that we consider a trip there; she said that Kathy Beck has a bus that we could use if we pay for gas. She added that she has entry forms for the Festival in the Forest competition and noted that Ilene Elliston won a $25 prize last year. Karen Fry noted that Campbell’s Pottery is having two fiber shows at their gallery this year. Joanna urged everyone to enter the raffle.

Bonnie Crytzer noted that the deadline for Hub is early (April 20) so that it will come out in time for RUTH WALKER-DANIELS’ 90th BIRTHDAY ON APRIL 26!!

Joanna urged everyone to enter the raffle. Vicki Ferster discussed upcoming programs. The July 5 meeting will be a field trip: we will meet at Kindred Spirits Yarn Studio in Franklin. The annual Dye Day will be on Saturday, October 11 (the week after our regular business meeting, which will be held as scheduled). Ann Sheffield will coordinate indigo dyeing, and Sue Spencer will do cochineal. Ann noted that Barb Lodge had found an article on using a large coffeemaker for dyeing (Shuttle Spindle and DyePot, Winter 2007-8) and that the technique would be ideal for cochineal. Vicki wondered whether we want a challenge project for next year, but we realized that this would be a question for the incoming Program Chair. Joyce asked who she should pay for her challenge fibers for this year (answer: Anita Hotchkiss, who also still has the dyes available if anyone needs more of a color).

Sue Spencer reminded everyone that friends and family are encouraged to come to the August meeting (the picnic at her house in The Woods). Joyce asked if we had received forms for applying for a PPA grant this year and whether we are applying; no one was sure of the answer.

Joanna concluded by introducing Billie Bookamer’s program on the spinning class she took from Anne Fields.

Show and Tell.  Karen Fry: a most satisfactory purse she had made from cloth she had stashed and decided was most unsatisfactory for clothing. Donna Long: A disappointing small triangle shawl that had taken in too much after removal from the loom and a gratifyingly large shawl made on the larger triangle loom her husband constructed. Roz: a shawl her husband encouraged her to weave for herself  that she now uses almost daily. Taryn: socks from an adapted Ravelry pattern. She said, “I can never do plain socks again!” She is also working on a design for the Hot Socks contest. Bonnie Orr: some lovely prepared Romney fiber made specifically to convince a skeptic how nice Romney can be. Billie: a skein of handspun alpaca made after the Anne Fields class (she said, “The workshop changed my life”). She had also made a buckskin wallet. Sue: a felted bag made just to use some handles she had bought; a woven bag from Panama given her by a friend; and a carrier bag made for her by a reenactor who shops at Kindred Spirits. Karen Koper: her “first attempt at cold dyeing with acid dyes.” She said that now she spins, knits, and dyes, she fears that animals are next… Linda Durnye: a piece that she had woven from unspun roving as described in Fleeceweave; she now plans to felt it to increase its strength. Debi Barry: socks, soy/tencel yarn spun by her daughter, Border Leicester spun by Debi herself, and, most irresistibly, a knitted stuffed frog. Sharon Hoban: two bags that she had made by knitting, then fulling them. Ilene Eliston: a sample of “deflective” weave. Kathy Beck: a drop spindle, with yarn!


 Tues Spin

Hi, I though you might like a report on Tues Spin.  There were two, maybe three new people--Nancy Apple, an aspiring spinner who is on the board of Meadville Council of the Arts.  She said that MCA is planning a Quilt and Fiber Art Seminar on Oct 18 (Sat.).  There will be two Quilt artists this year.  They will also have a session on entrelac knitting, and an intro to weaving--Mathilda.  They would like to involve us--that is, maybe have a spinning or weaving teacher next year.

Jen Phillips brought her cousin, Cindy, who raises goats.  And another young woman named Melanie, who also raises goats and connected right away with Cindy who had taught herself to knit.  All very promising new spinners.

It was a very nice meeting.  

Submitted by Barb

The Forest Area Arts council is proud to announce its sixth annual Festival in the Forest Art Show and Competition.  It will be held Saturday June 21 from 10 to 5 at the Forest County 4-H Center, Route 36, 5 miles south of Tionesta.  The Festival will showcase the artwork of youth/child, amateur, and professional artists, artisans, and photographers.  The 4 divisions are Professional, Amateur, Youth(12 to 18) and Child(under 12) with classifications of Two-dimensional, Three-dimensional, Fiber Art and Photography.  Up to 3 items can be entered for the $15 registration fee(no fee for youth and child divisions).  The Awards are Best of Show $100, awards in each division and classification are 1st place-$50.00 2nd place $25.00 and 3rd Place $15.00.  If Division/Classification is under represented, they will be incorporated into a similar Division/Classification.  Entrants are permitted to offer work entered in competition for private sale with no commission charged by the Forest Area Arts Council.  Last years winners in the Fiber Art classification was First place-Ilene Elliston with a beautiful hand-woven jacket, Second place-Anita Hotchkiss felted wall hanging, Third place-Sharon Reiland, woven wool roving, needle felted wall hanging. This is an opportunity to show other artists/artisans about "Fiber Art".  For more information contact Sharon Reiland 814-755-4019 or Pat Mays at  814-927-5154

Submitted by Sharon

Campell Pottery and Stonewall Gallery is having showing, "Woven Together," from May 17-June 15.  "Woven Together will feature 11 Fiber Artists from the Fiber Collective.  The opening reception is on Saturday, May 17thfrom 1-3pm.  The store is open from 10-5pm seven days a week.

    Submitted by Karen

Classified Section

Hello ladies,
Hope life is treating you well.  I am asking a favor.  If you know of anyone looking to buy a spinning wheel please send them my way. I have an older model Ashford that has hardly been used.  I would like $225.00 for it. I am not spinning much and I sure don't need the 3 wheels I currently have so would like to sell that one. call Pat Retchloff 814-763-4184.  Also karakul roving for sale. Several different colors.

From: "Janis and  Chuck Stebbins" <>

We need to sell my mother's 48" Herald floor loom with four harnesses, six treadles, with bench, extra reeds & shuttles, and warp board. (She is 92 years old and has entered assisted living.) Do you have a forum where we could advertise this loom? We can deliver the loom within a reasonable driving distance of Corning, NY.

Other contact info is:  Charles Stebbins, 330 West Water Street, Painted Post, NY 14870.  607 937-1801

I am in the process of liquiding my alpaca herd and I have hundreds of pounds of raw (not cleaned) fiber (alpaca) that I am looking to sell at a very reduced price.  I was wondering if anyone in your spinning guild would be interested.  I have several colors, prime fleeces and seconds.  I am reducing the pricing to $25.00 for the prime and $15.00 for the seconds.  If you know anyone that is interested, please let me know. 

Thank you for your time, Tara Bowser
Mister Buddy Farms, LLC, Flemington, NJ

I have a loom for sale. It is a Dryad upright two pedal rug loom made in Leicester England. I am asking $200 for it but will take best offers. Contact Jill at 814-835-1945 or 814-450-3224.

All Other Things Considered Worthy for the Hub


Chris' first loom project

Chris’s first art project made on her homemade loom that was featured in the last Hub.

An invitation to celebrate my 90th Birthday

Members of the NPSWG are cordially invited to attend my birthday celebration on April 27th . Festivities will be held at the Cranberry Methodist church on Route #322 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Use the parking lot in the back and enter by the lower door. Cake and ice cream and good company will be abundant. “Your presence only, will be my gift”.   Hope you can attend.  Ruth Walker-Daniels.   

A Happy 90th birthday wish to Ruth Walker-Daniels from the members of NW PA Spinners & Weavers

Ruth is 90! Party With the Animals

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