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"The HUB" Vol. XXII, No. 5
Bimonthly newsletter of September - October 2001


October 13, 2001 from 10:00 until lunch at Mercyhurst College
***Note date and location change***


Time:10:00-general meeting in Zurn , room 64 (directions below), program will start at 11:00

Program Topic-Jeff Illingworth, Director of Curation and Conservation, Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute, will talk about his departments current research into prehistoric perishables--textiles, basketry, cordage, sandals, etc. He will focus mainly on the spinning and weaving aspects and he is interested in "picking" our brains about the methods used to construct these items. Some of the students of the department will be present and would like to talk to us about spinning and weaving. We will also view artifacts from their collection.

Since space in the textile lab is somewhat limited, we need to give Jeff an approximate number of people attending. If the numbers are high, we will move to a larger room. Therefore, if you are planning on attending, please e-mail Cheryl at OR Kate Arkwright at

If you're interested in staying in Erie for lunch, let us know that too and we'll make reservations somewhere.

Directions to Mercyhurst Take I-90 to Exit 7. Turn north at the light. This is Perry Highway, Route 97. Follow 97 until it forks. Take the right hand fork. This is called Old French Road. Stay on Old French Road until you come to the intersection of 38th Street. There will be a light there. On the left will be a Veterans Affairs Hospital and on the right will be a Valu Home Center hardware store. Turn east onto 38th Street. You will pass through one light on 38th, make the first right you come to. This is the entrance to the college. It has a fairly ornate brick and wrought iron gate. Shortly after entering the college, you will come to a sort of T-intersection, turn left. This road is called East Main Drive. Follow East Main Drive to the back of campus. It will initially veer to the right, passing between the library and a small parking garage. It will then come to a Y-intersection, stay to the left. You will next come to a stop sign. Turn right and park wherever you would like. You will see a building, called the D'Angelo Performing Arts Center. Enter the set of glass doors. Follow the long hallway that will be directly in front of you. At the end of it you will see a door which exits to the outside. Just before reaching the above mentioned door, you will see an elevator on the left. Across from the elevator is a set of stairs, take either one to the basement. If you take the stairs, turn left, if you take the elevator, turn right. About half way down the hallway, on the left, is Zurn 64. This is the Anthropology Department classroom. Meet in here.


In the April 2000 Hub we published a constant for determining how to spin to a given gauge and credited that constant to Celia Quinn. Celia wrote recently with a correction, saying that there " no constant for every spinner to multiply their wraps per inch to get a knitting's very individual for every spinner. You need to do samples to determine the 'factor' that relates your singles and your final gauge." We apologize to Celia for printing misleading information.


Please add the members below to your 2001 Guild Membership list and welcome new members Barbara , Andrea, and Linda.

Andrea Cooley
Barbara Hauck
Linda Shafer,

Please see the online directory (members only) for addresses and phone numbers.


Treasurer's report: 1638.64 checking

Spinners needed for the shawl demonstration in Titusville on Aug. 25. The demo will not be at Drake Well, but at the Ed Meyer Recreation Complex. Set up begins at 10 AM. Crawford Co Fair spinning demo will be Wed., Aug 22, 1:30 in the Home Ec building.

We need someone to organize the Christmas Party game.

Our next meeting will be on the second Saturday of October-the 13th, to avoid competing with the Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference.


The July 30 issue of Time magazine had an item entitled Felt as Furnishings, and showed a photo of pastel colored bowls made of felt. Reference was made to current designers using felt for sling chairs, table tops, blinds, lampshades, throw rugs, and wall coverings.


The following books and magazines have been checked out and should be returned by the Oct. meeting.

Kate Arkwright, Color in Spinning, Menz
Illene Elliston, Knitting, Swanson Handspinning Art & Technique, Fannin
Sharon Heiser, Key to Weaving, Black Handwoven Laces, Muller Twined Rag Rugs, Irwin Weaving Solutions
Susan Helms, The Essentials of Handspinning, Ross
Deb King, Knitting in America, Falick
Dorothy Manyard, Rag Rug Handbook, Meany and Pfaff
Mathilda Murphy, The Maker's Hand, Collingwood
Joyce Rose, The Very Stuff, Beal Fiber Arts Design Book Three, Mathews
Ann Sheffield, Handspinning Advanced Techniques, Ross Indigo, Madder and Marigold, VanStralen
Jan Smouse, the Technique of Woven Tapestry, Beutlich
Sandy Volpe, Viking Patterns for Knitting


Dorothy Maynard (F 97, W 91)
Ruth Ruggiero (W 99, F91)
Kelle Kersten (Sp 00)
Roz Macken (Sp 01, Su 00)


Dorothy Maynard (Su 99, Sp 99)
Sandy Volpe (Su & F 00, W 01)
Ilene Ellison (W 97, Sp 98, F 99, W 99, Sp 00)


Members who read The Hub online and wish to stop receiving a paper copy of The Hub in the mail should email Susan Fenton at and ask to be put on the "do not mail" list for the Hub. You will be sent an email notice when the new issue of The Hub goes online, which is generally around the same time it goes in the mail.


Casting Journey is open on 608 R High St., Waterford
Phone: 796-0532
Open: Tuesday - Thursday 10:00-5:00
Friday - Saturday 10:00-8:00

The store carries a variety of knitting yarns and the owner is interested in stocking weaving yarn too.

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