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Past Issues

"The HUB" Vol. XXVI, No.5
Bimonthly newsletter of September - October 2005


Saturday, October 1, 2005, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 pm
Christ Episcopal Church, Diamond Park, Meadville, PA

September Program

We will continue The Great Sock Challenge. If you would like to participate, but do not want to knit socks, please join us and make your favorite item. Socks or hats would make a nice charity gift.

October Program

The 25th Anniversary Celebration will be held at Christ Church in Meadville, 10 am - 2 pm October 1, 2005. Note that this is a change of plan from the original location mentioned in the minutes, below. We would ask that everyone would consider donating the $11.50 cost of the luncheon to the American Red Cross for the disaster relief. We will collect the monies and send them together. Please bring your own sandwich, the guild will furnish a dessert and coffee and tea.

Please bring items for the Chinese auction of spinning and weaving related items. Please bring your favorite items that you have made in the 25 years for show and tell.

Calendar of Events

September 3rd NWPSWG Program Meeting at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to 2:00P.M Socks and Spinning

September 18th Kennerdell Arts Festival 10:30a.m. until 5:00p.m. NWPSWG demonstrates Fleece to Shawl

September 20th NWPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 10:00A.M. to-2:00P.M.

September 24th Sheep and Wool Family Field Day at Waterford Fairgrounds. NWPSWG will demonstrate their crafts

October 1st NWPSWG 25th Anniversary celebration at Christ Church, Meadville. 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

October 8th thru10th: “Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference” at Chautauqua Institution, New York

October 18th NWPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

Minutes of the August Meeting

Previous meeting minutes read and approved. Treasurer’s Report: $1623.35 total in checking and savings; $1740.90 in the McCartney Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The purchase of a new tent was discussed—size, sides, color, where to store, whom to be responsible, cost, whether or not to decorate it. Since we only use a tent for the Highland Games, it was suggested that we rent one for that event. Pat will look into renting.

Celebrate Erie. Aug 21. Spinners will demonstrate in Heritage Hall in the Boston Store.

Crawford County Fair. Tuesday Spin will be the 4th Tuesday, Aug 23rd, in the Home show Building, 10:30-1:30. On the 24th, Roz, Donna, and Anita will judge fleeces in the sheep barn at 5 pm.

Sept 1. Odd month meeting will be in the church. Bring projects and problems.

Sept 18. Sunday, Kennerdell. demonstrate from 10:30 to 5 pm in the building at Wilson Park, 12 miles from Cranberry Mall. Pat will demonstrate on her rigid heddle loom. Karen will warp the loom for two shawls and weave one at Kennerdell and if necessary finish at Tuesday Spin, and weave the second shawl at Sheep and Wool Day at Waterford. Tuesday Spinners will get a head start on spinning white fleece from Sue or Bonnie to have yarn for Karen to get started weaving. Pat will wash the fleece to have it ready for Tuesday Spin.

The finished shawl from Highland Games was given to Bonnie in exchange for all the fleeces she has donated to the guild over the past years.

Oct 1. Our 25th Anniversary celebration will be lunch at Riverside Inn in Cambridge Springs. Reservations must be in by Sept 15. The buffet lunch (soup bar, salad bar, sandwich bar )is $11.50, tip included. Each person is asked to bring items for the Chinese Auction to the church sometime prior to the luncheon (not necessary to be handmade), plus an item for show and tell.

An award for Sigrid as founder and unfailing supporter of our guild was discussed.

Sigrid will be demonstrating weaving and signing her new book at Kindred Spirit yarn store in Franklin on Sept 24 and hopes some guild members will join her and demonstrate spinning and knitting.

Butler guild has invited us to go along on a field trip to Old Economy Village on Aug 24. Leave at 9:30 for 11:00 tour of their fabric collection. Cost is $6. Bring your own lunch.

The yellow shawl has been donated to the Cancer Society to be auctioned or raffled for their benefit. It was given in honor of our members who have fought, or are now fighting cancer.

Notes from the President

Here it is September and I am still planning to wash my fleeces and get them dyed to spin this winter. I sure hope that you are not procrastinating like I am. Summer has gone by so fast that I didn't get everything done that I planned to do.

We all had a great time in Waterford. Karen wove the most beautiful shawl for us. Barb has finished the fringe and fulled it. We all agree this is one of our best works. Thanks to Karen, Barb and the spinners for making this all possible.

If you haven't joined us for a demonstration yet this summer you will still have a chance this fall. Karen is warping the loom for two more shawls. Kennerdell will be on the 18th of September and The Sheep and Wool Day will be the following week. I encourage everyone, old and new spinners, to join us for a day of spinning and good times. Food is available to purchase at Kennerdell. Wool items sell better this time of year so get those needles knitting fast and warp that loom. Car-pooling would be a great idea for Kennerdell.

I am still bubbling over with excitement about our trip to Old Economy Village. The private tour that Linda arranged for us was fantastic. You all know how much I love wool socks and hats. Just think, wool socks and bonnets from the 1800s. We had a private viewing in the archives. The colors, the patterns, the spinning, the weaving, the silk, the cottons, the wools. We couldn't take our eyes off the beautiful work of the Harmonists. The original dye books are there with all the natural dyes and samples. Anyone read Old German? If you haven't been there this is a great family place.

Congratulations to Nancy Washok in winning the NWPSWG Spinners Fleece award at the Crawford County Fair. Her Romney fleece was beautiful. I understand it will be available for sale at the Sheep and Wool Day. We sure had a good time judging the fleeces and demonstrating spinning for the fair goers. Thanks to all the great judges.

Please ask our movie star Elaine for her autograph and celebrities Judy and Mary, who also made the paper.

Congratulations to all the winners who worked so hard on their fair entries.

See you in September


Note from the HMMSF Chair

SCHOLARSHIP REPORT from Barb Lodge, Scholarship Committee Chair.

I have been hearing complaints about the awarding of scholarships. These complaints need to be resolved in a way that gives each member a voice in the outcome, without having to worry about hurting the feelings of others. I have only heard these complaints secondhand, so I hope that I have listed them accurately. We have only had this fund for three years and were bound to have wrinkles to iron out. The comments are my own thoughts on the subject. Please give some thought to these issues and at our Oct meeting I will have paper ballots available similar to the one at the end of this report. Each member will be able to “agree” or “disagree” with the proposed policy changes. In this way policy can be changed to reflect the wishes of the majority, and encourage more members to apply. There may be more problems than the ones listed here, but for now let’s just deal with the ones listed below.

Problem: The same person has received the scholarship for the last three years. It seems unfair. We should set a limit that members can only apply every two (or three) years.

Comment: No one else has applied. We are a small guild and do not have many members with the interest, time, or means to attend workshops. If no one else is willing or able to apply, this rule would limit our exposure to this source of new information.

Problem: Not everyone can afford to attend workshops even with an award.

Comment: Nor does everyone have the time or inclination. Are we not fortunate then, to have one person willing and able to attend workshops and bring back new and interesting knowledge, and be obligated to share it with the rest of us.

Problem: Not everyone is interested in the programs resulting from these awards.

Comment: Not everyone is interested in any given program, but we come to the meetings anyway because we know that every encounter with other fiber people increases our over-all knowledge of our craft.

Problem: Some reports are not equal in value to the amount of the award.

Comment: That will happen for a number of reasons. I have been in workshops where I was unable to understand the material being presented, where the teacher was unable to present material in an effective manner, or where I realized too late that the subject was not what I expected. Although I was not able to impart new and exciting information from my experience at Convergence, I am richer for that experience and it increased my value to the guild as a resource person. A person could return from a conference with nothing more than renewed enthusiasm for some facet of their craft and we would all still benefit


Members can only apply every two (or three) years.
Agree Disagree

Currently we have a limit of three scholarships per year, each to award one-half of a workshop fee up to a total of $100, for a total cost to the fund of $300/year. Change the individual cap of $100 to $150, but keep the total cap at $300.
Agree Disagree

In the event that a program using the material learned at a workshop is not practicable, that a substitute program could be presented.
Agree Disagree

Editors note

Cathi Joslyn a fiber artist at Clarion University has been contacted to be a speaker at our anniversary celebration.

There is an exhibit of interest at the Erie Art Museum--"Weavings of War--Fabric of Memory." Needlework pieces--quilts, clothing, tapestries, carpets--made by women from many different countries--Asia, South Asia, Africa, South America, Latin America, Afghanistan --trying to "communicate their personal and collective experiences of war. This exhibit is on view through Sept 18 at the Erie Art Museum, 411 State St. Tuesday-Sat 11-5; Sun 1-5. Admission $3, $2 students, $1 seniors.

ASI Announces New Wool Processing Methods: First is a biopolishing process which will change the comfort level of wool, minimize shrinkage, allow garments to be washable, brighter, whiter and more easily worn next to the skin. Currently it is only being used on fabric but trials are underway with fiber and yarns. Another wool encapsulating process will make fabric water repellent but also allow it to breathe. It’s in the outdoor sports market. A new wool product is Wool/Nomex blend. This is a fire–retardant comfortable machine-washable fabric. Things are changing. The complete articles are in the library.

Welcome to our Newest Member

Terri Fetterolf, Sewickley, PA. Please see membership directory for contact information for Terri.

Weaving Demonstration And Author Signing At Kindred Spirits

Come and join in the fun during the day, Sept. 24th from 10am to 3 pm at Kindred Spirits, a yarn shop in Franklin PA. The address is 507 13th Street. Sigrid Piroch will demonstrate weaving linen mats and runners on a Baby Wolf, and also show how to weave Boas on a Purrington table loom using unique yarns sold at Kindred Spirits. Come for a spell, chat and weave away with us!

Sigrid's most recent book is The Magic of Handweaving -- The Basics and Beyond, every page in color. It presents step-by-step all you need to know to get started weaving as well as for an individual or study group review of "the basics". Many hints from a long-time professional. Sigrid will be happy to autograph a personal copy of this popular book for you or a friend. She is a weaver and author from Foxburg PA who, over the past 30 years, has taught/juried/exhibited around the world: 5 continents and 11 countries, plus 45 US States and Canada Provinces. She has an ARTS STUDIO in Emlenton.

Freestyle spinning workshop in Oct.

Hello! We are sponsoring a weekend long freestyle spinning workshop in October. Would you mind spreading the word to your guild members???? We plan on having a LOT of fun! Details on our website.

Thanks for your time! Reenie Hanlin,

Classified Section

For Sale: 60" LeClerc loom, 4 shafts, 6 treadles, counter balance. Excellent condition. $1200.00 includes bench. 440-543-7058 leave message. Delivery available from Cleveland, Ohio area.

For Sale: Two large Glimakra boat shuttles; now reduced to $15 each. Bond knitting machine. Selling for a friend, but I do know it knits; I've tried it! Asking $50 Weaving yarns available -- email me to schedule a get together -- day 814-724-7389.

For Sale: I am looking for an outlet for my alpaca fleece and am inquiring into your weavers guild. The market for raw fleece is $2.50 per ounce but I am new to the market and would be willing to sell for $2.00 an ounce. I have white, medium tan, dark tan, medium grey, and black. Contact Linda Dunham at

For Sale: My name is June Lordi from Maine and I have a beautiful Newcomb Floor Loom for sale. It is a 4 harness, sectional beam, hardwood rug loom. The dimensions are 52w X 48h X 50d. It is in perfect condition. I have used the loom since 1976, and in the 80's I had a woodworker make a 24-spool upright rack for warping. The only thing missing from the unit is the clamp-on thread spreader, but that is standard equipment and could be purchased from any loom company.(Newcomb is out of business now). I am asking $800. for the loom if you or anyone in your group is interested. You may contact me at: June Lordi,

Otter Creek

Otter Creek Store has moved to a new location in Mercer. The New Store will open August 3, Grand opening Celebration Sept 15 – 19 Same Hours: 11-6 Tuesday Thru Friday & Saturday 10 - 4

New address: 139 North Diamond Street, Mercer, PA 16137 724 -662-2830

A note from Sigrid

Hello to all from Sigrid, I am seeking an Apprentice that would work with me at my Studio in Emlenton 2 days a month... at your convenience. Emlenton is about an hour South and a bit West of Meadville. I have developed some recent medical limitations, spinal and shoulder problems. So, in order to make my exhibition deadlines coming up, I need some help with standard weaving chores. I am happy to train you, if needed, to do various warping tasks. This, then, is an opportunity for you to firm up your weaving skills at no cost to you at all, or even to learn from scratch since no experience is required to begin. You learn as you assist me with every-day tasks in the Studio. Apprenticeship at ARTS works this way: once you are able to work independently, without supervision, I can offer a stipend per hour. (The option to eventually move up to 4 days a month, one day a week, is also a possibility but not a requirement.) If you are not able to take advantage of this opportunity yourself but know of a friend that might be interested, please pass on the word. We can begin asa we find a matching date. THANKS!

Feel free to email me with questions at or via my website at

Remember When?

These pictures were taken from an old guild brochure. Do you recognize these people?

The following page is a bit of history.




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