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Volume XXXIII, No 5                                                                                                                                                                                                         September - October 2012
Bimonthly newsletter of
    Hub Editor:  Bonnie Crytzer            Hub Publisher:  Jim Crytzer


Calendar of Events

September 1st NPSWG Dye Day at Donna Longs residence
September 8th Edinboro Highland Games and Scottish Festival Demonstration and Sale. Times 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
September 18th NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

October 6th NPSWG Business/Program Meeting at Christ Church

October 16th NPSWG Tuesday Spinning at Christ Church 2:00p.m.

September Program

For the September dye day we will experiment with MX fiber-reactive dyes on cotton fabric, showcasing several shibori resist techniques. If you did not receive fabric and stitching directions at the August meeting but would like to participate, email There will be opportunity to try additional dye methods that do not require preparation in advance. Thickened dye will also be used for monoprinting, stamping, and stenciling. Wear old clothes or an apron!
Supplies will be available, but bring if you have: small (1-2 gal.) plastic bucket to wet and rinse fabrics, coffee stirrers or popsicle sticks for mixing dye, calibrated measuring cup for water, rubber gloves, masking tape, 15-20 yds. strong, thin, colorfast cord for wrapping and tying (crochet thread works well), one or two old towels, small, sharp scissors, knot picker (sewing seam ripper or sharp, sturdy sewing needle), plastic bags to cure and transport wet, dyed fabrics. Bring some 100% cotton things to dye, washed and dried without fabric softener resist-stitched fabric squares, light- to medium-weight cotton (not necessarily white) cut in 10-12 inch squares to capture excess dye left in the dye bath, other/larger pieces of fabric or clothing for monoprinting, stamping, and/or stenciling.
What is Shibori? Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, President of the World shibori Network, author, and teacher describes it on their website The word comes from the Japanese verb root shiboru, 'to wring, squeeze, press' and is accepted vocabulary in the international language of textiles. The closest translation would be shaped-resist dyeing. The shaping process reserves areas that are recorded as patterns with characteristically soft edges and crinkled textures when cloth is dyed.... Cloth may be drawn up and bound, stitched and gathered, pleated and bound, folded and clamped between boards, or wrapped around a pole then pushed along it to compress the fabric into folds. These techniques have been, and still are, practiced by several cultures throughout the world, especially in Southeast Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa, but it is the Japanese who are considered to have perfected the results into an art form. The spontaneity, mystery, and the serendipitous effects of shibori continue to inspire new generations of artists and designers all over the world.
Program for Saturday September 1st will be dye day and picnic at Donna Longs home. My home is on the outside of Franklin going East on Route 322. As you leave Franklin you will cross over a bridge, stay on Route 322. You will go up over Victory Heights hill. At the top look for a gas station on the right, My house is the fifth home on the left. House is white with blue trim and has a ramp to the front porch. There is a rock with my name on it at the entrance to my driveway. Come on in. If you have a problem you can call me at 814-437-2400. Please bring a chair, I have very few. Also something to share for the picnic and the items for the Shibori work shop. SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

October Program

I just wanted a reminder put in what ever notice or Hub that goes out next
The Needle felting workshop with Anita Hotchkiss is coming up October 6, 2012 at Christ Episcopal Church from 9 - 4.  (there will be no regular meeting due to the workshop)    Those planning to attend should pay Barb Lodge $10.00 by the Sept. picnic and dye day so Anita can order the number of kits needed.  If you have friends wishing to attend, please invite them and let them know they will be paying $20.00 for the kit fee.  It is still a bargain for them as the guild is paying the teachers fee.  Of course you can encourage them to join and just pay $10.00.
Also, you were to get directions for Donna Longs home for the Sept meeting so that should be included in the notice.     Also the idea of no meeting Oct 6th was not confirmed by me, so cross that out if you find out something different.    Elaine  

Minutes of the NPSWG
Minutes of the July 2012 NPSWG Meeting
Old Business:  Sharon Hoban called the meeting to order.  The minutes of the May and June 2012 meeting were passed.  Elaine Fertig read correspondence from Anita Hotchkiss regarding doing a needle felting patchwork program from 9-4 on October 6, as long as 10 or more people can commit to it.  There would be a $20 charge for materials kits.  Elaine moved and Karen Fry seconded that the guild treasury pay half of the materials fee for members.  The motion carried.  A sign-in was passed to determine that we have at least 10 people committed and to begin to determine how many materials kits will be needed. 
New Business: There was discussion on doing a Dye Day though we previously believed we would not be able to.  Roz Macken volunteered to prepare a presentation on fabric dying techniques for our August meeting and to bring fabric squares that we can prepare during the month to have ready for a Dye Day for our September meeting, which falls on Labor Day weekend.  Donna Long offered to host Dye Day at her home at 5900 US 322 just past Franklin.  Everyone should bring a dish to share, something to sit on, and their prepared fabric squares.  It was noted that our August meeting will coincide with part of the Thunder in the City event on the diamond.  Karen moved and Roz seconded that we participate in the event, concurrent with the meeting.  Members are encouraged to come early on Saturday, as parking may be a concern.  Sharon updated us that she and Sue Spencer visited Camp Stone to return a wheel and the looms.  They were only able to see a few of the counselors we worked with last year, but they were able to see the Torah cover made from the campers weavings last year. 
Show and Tell:  Marje Koehlert showed a small basket she made from leftover materials from other projects and a book mark sized bobbin lace sampler.  Elaine Fertig brought a red curvy scarf made from ribbon like tape, patterned after the one Janet Smouse showed us last month.  Nickees Duncan updated us that she is getting ready to learn new skills on her sewing machine, but meanwhile her son is learning to crochet with Taryn Barnett and to draw with Diane at @ the Bank.  Mabel Cable brought a very soft vest knit in mistake stitch from a hand spun merino, silk and mohair blend.  It has a great deal of give and should be very comfortable in cold weather.  Mabel also brought a tiny, very perfect raffia and reed coiled basket she made for a class some time ago in the same style as the fabric baskets being done for todays program.  Roz showed a basket made from a zig-zag stitched fabric tube and noted that the same style of basket can be made from macram� cord.  Cate Johns showed the start of a four-strand braid basket she had begun.
Respectfully submitted,
Marje Koehlert, Secretary

Words from our President

Fall is in the air!  Sumacs are turning red, and nights are getting cooler (although it makes for great sleeping).  Im loving it!!
We had a great day participating in the Thunder in the City Fiber and Art Festival in Meadville.  The girls tell me that it was the biggest membership turnout for such an event.  I know there were at least 10 of us.  We had a double space and a perfect spot.  We had shade and a nice breeze, so all in all it was a very pleasant day, and I think the best part was just being together more than anything.  Roz gave us a sample piece to stitch up ready for our next meeting and showed us a DVD on the Shibori process.  It was very informative.
Were all looking forward to meeting at Donna Longs and trying our hand at Shibori dyeing under Rozs direction and, of course, there is also the wonderful food that you all provide for our annual picnic.  I hope to see a good turnout, even if you just come for the fellowship.  We would all like to see you. 
I am well on my way to recovery.  They told me it would be a 6 month recovery, and this is my fifth month since my two surgeries in March. Thank you so much to those of you who sent me cards.  Youll never know how much they helped to lift my spirits.  Three months in four hospitals is a very long time and it was hard not to give in to depression, both with the amount of time there and not having a diagnosis.  All four hospitals thought I had Crohns, which I did not, and were treating me with steroids.  The pathology on the 38 of my small intestine that they finally removed indicated that it was excessive use of Ibuprofen, which I had been prescribed for plantar fasciitis in my foot.  I am now on a mission to warn everyone about Ibuprofen and NSAIDs, particularly for those of us over 60.  If you are over 60 and on blood pressure medicine, Ibuprofen should only be taken if monitored by a doctor.  Ibuprofen carries a black box warning and kills 16,000 people a year and 100,000 go to emergency rooms or are hospitalized every year from Ibuprofen.  I suffered from ulceration of my intestines, 38 of which were the size of a pencil, and severe inflammation.  I had absolutely no nutrition in my body.  The week of my surgery a scan happened to show a pulmonary embolism, which they had no idea that I had, and I had to be put on Coumadin.  Ibuprofen also can cause embolisms.  I know how lucky I am that I survived this ordeal and am developing a new outlook on life. 
Hope to see you at Donnas!!!

Message from Karen Fry
I spoke with Tim Thompson at church today.  He will be mailing the Highland Games info to me this week.  I also spoke with Elaine to see if we can hook up for her to bring the info to the guild meeting in September. Tim said that the guild will be given a check of $100 for participation.  If I can't catch up with Elaine, I'll get the info to someone in Meadville before the date.  I will weave at the games on Sept 8, whether we're settled in or not.
I will not be able to make it to the meeting because I will be moving over Labor Day weekend.  Holly and I found a small house in Edinboro and signed a 2 year lease beginning on September 1.  

Classified Section


I have two pet Alpacas that have produced quite an amount of beautiful high quality fleece. (So said the lady who I purchased them from and she also shaved them.)  I was going to learn to spin it myself and crochet with the yarn, but I really find myself too busy right now to tackle another project.
Marilyn said you would probably be able to steer me in the right direction as to who may be interested in purchasing the fleece. 
Jeanette Demmer Biltz

LOOM FOR SALE: 60 inch LeClerc Colonial jack loom, 8 shafts, 10 treadles, bench. Excellent condition. $1900.00. Location Cleveland, Ohio. Contact Nora Eason at 440-543-7058 or

The guild now owns a good set of spinning and weaving equipment which is available for rent by guild members.  Included are a Baby Wolf 8-H loom; two 18 inch Leclerc Dorothy 4 shaft table looms; a rigid heddle loom; an Inkle Loom; a 7 foot triangular loom;  an Ashford traditional spinning wheel; a drum carder; a wool picker; English wool combs and Russian paddle combs.  The guild Fleece-to-Shawl team has first priority on the Baby Wolf loom, but will not hold it unnecessarily (all monies generated by the team goes to the guild treasury to help with guild expenses).  Contact Marje Koehlert for rental information.

The deadline for submissions to be included in the next Hub is 25 October 2012

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